Epicare® – The Easiest, Most Affordable, Safest And Best Facial Hair Removal Threader

Introducing Epicare®: The revolutionary hair removal system which is the safest and best Facial Hair Removal threader. It has become a globally accepted phenomenon. Facial hair has always been a challenge for women. There are a number of epilators, razors and different waxes available in the market. They provide to remove the body hair effectively.

There is nothing you may find in the market that is reliable to use safely on the sensitive skin of the face. You either have to depend on painful plucking or tweezing. Otherwise, you should spend a fortune on costly laser hair removal systems. Women all over the world are using Epicare® to make facial hair removal easy and painless. The unique spring design of the Epicare® threader. It is on the ancient principles of threading where traditionally, facial hair removes using a cotton thread. It is popular in India and the Middle East. Threading is now the rage in the west. Epicare® is so affordable, safest and best facial hair removal threader. It has never been easier.

Facial hair fuzz is unsightly and embarrassing for most women. It is especially for those who love to have flawless looking skin on their faces. Epicare® is the best way to eliminate such unsightly and distressing facial hair anywhere and at any time. It leaves your face feeling silky, smooth and attractively feminine. The inspiration behind the invention of Epicare® is threading. It is an ancient hair removal technique. It uses cotton thread to remove facial hair without the need for waxing or plucking.

Threading has been popular for facial hair removal in some parts of the world, especially in the Middle East & India. It has now gained popularity in the West as well. The Epicare® Hair Removal Threader consists of a spring. The spring is made up of a high quality steel with a hypo–allergenic substance. There are small handles on either end made of tough, high–grade plastic. Just Bend, Twist and Roll along the area where you should remove the hair. The thread eliminates making Epicare® so easy to use for removing facial hair. There are with so many attractive colors to choose from. Finding the right color to match your personality is just a click away.



Cost effective Facial Hair Removal

Epicare® is the easiest, most economical and fastest way to remove facial hair, leaving your face smooth, silky and feminine anytime and anywhere.

• No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time and become costly with regular salon trips.
• No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth resulting in the need to frequently maintain and spend more and more time on facial hair removal.
• No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns and is again costly.
• No tweezing or plucking – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually and can leave your skin red, agitated and uncomfortable.
• No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective.