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admin Aug 19, 2016 acne apple cider vinegar blemishes breakouts healthy skin natural products natural remedy pimples 0 Comments Posted in: Acne, Article, Beauty Tips, Skin Care

Apple Cider VinegarOur skin is very important to us. It literally binds us together and protects our bones, muscles and organs from the elements. Our skin is like a protective covering which looks after us. Think of it a bit like a comforting blanket that is permanently wrapped around us.

If your skin does so much for you, isn’t it a good idea to show it respect back? Most of us take our skin for granted and do little more than splash it with a bit of soap and water each day. But if you don’t look after your skin, tiny blackheads or pimples can start to form.

If you use any chemicals on your skin to prevent acne, scarring or bleaching methods, you could be doing more harm than good. It is imperative to skin health that you seek out natural remedies to combat pimples. Using natural products means your skin will love you back for it.

If you have pimples on the face or neck then you should try apple cider vinegar. Apply the vinegar with water and use some lemon juice to help absorb some of the oils. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and levels the pH readings. A balanced pH skin means bacteria will struggle to thrive or survive.

Use a cotton swab to apply the vinegar to your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Apply to the skin about six times a day. If you feel your skin drying up, use a natural moisturizer in between applications.

This is a solid and reliable method for getting rid of pimples. You will also be getting shot of those unsightly pimples in the most natural way. However, not everyone has apple cider vinegar in their pantry. Most of us will have eggs in the fridge or pantry. Amazingly, the white part of the egg is a natural remedy for dealing with pimples.

This white part of the egg is known as the albumen and is rich in vitamins and proteins. You will also need to separate the albumen from the yolk (the yellow part). When you have the white part of the egg separated, mix it up in a small dish.

Three eggs should be plenty and after whisking you can apply it to the face almost as easily as any cream. Apply all over the face including the areas where there are no pimples. Leave on your skin for about 25 minutes. You may use a moisturizer after if the egg white dries out the skin. This is a great natural remedy for pimples.

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