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Areas of your skin after waxing can look a bit like acne where red and itchy bumps may appear. Your skin may produce a simple redness and inflammation due to the trauma of waxing the hair.

You will also notice red bumps are swollen and painful. They are with a small loop of hair at the top of the bump. This is in–grown hair. These can be easily avoided by using the Epicare® hair removal system.


The reason these red itchy bumps appear on the skin after shaving is usually due to folliculitis. Otherwise known as a follicle infected by staphylococcus aureus. A more common term for this is “barber’s rash,” folliculitis. It appears when bacteria is introduced into the hair follicle and they are infected. Another cause of these red itch bump areas on the skin can be ingrown hairs. When the hair is broken or pulled incorrectly and they begin to grow into the side of the follicle wall. These are easily avoided by using the Epicare® hair removal system.


Whilst using the Epicare® hair removal system. It is the main way of preventing the appearance of red bumps on your skin. The other important thing is to ensure that when you are waxing or threading your hair you do so in a clean environment. You wash your face and body and dry before you start. You can avoid the spread of bacteria on your face or body. If you’re having your waxing done professionally, check to ensure that the person carrying out the waxing does not use the same spatula the entire time that they are waxing your skin as that could be transferring bacteria from your skin into the wax and back again. If you are carrying out the waxing yourself then ensure that you initially exfoliate your skin with salicylic acid in order to remove germs from your skin. We also recommend that after waxing that you wear loose–fitting clothes. Your clothes don’t rub and further irritate your skin to cause even more bumps.


Whilst using the Epicare® hair removal system will lead to practically no skin irritation when removing hair, you still may experience some small skin irritations if you have over sensitive skin. If you have skin irritations after removing hair then a simple way to treat them is by dabbing on cortisone cream. Cortisone helps to restrict the blood vessels to diminish redness and any areas of annoying itches on the skin. Taking an antihistamine can help reduce inflammation. If your red bumps are caused by ingrown hairs, use a pair of sterilized tweezers to gently lift out the embedded end of hair, leaving the root of the hair intact to avoid infection and further pain and redness.


In the vast majority of cases bouts of folliculitis or waxing redness go away after a few days. However, if your skin is severely infected, you may need an anti–fungal ointment to treat the problem. Should your red bumps persist for more than three days, even after wearing loose clothes and applying cortisone cream, schedule an appointment with your doctor for a prescription cream instead. By using a tried and tested hair removal system such as Epicare® you will avoid these irritations provided you follow all the necessary steps especially for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to break–outs.

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