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Stress has become quite common part of people’s everyday lives these days and people are continuously fighting with this issue. It is not only causing mental turmoil for the sufferer but also invites a number of health issues for him. If you feel too stressed out in your day to day life, you should be finding some relief in healthy food. No, we are not asking you to binge on a huge tub of ice cream or start emotional eating. What we want you to do is use healthy foods as a means to fight stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

We often use food as a kind of comfort. We eat when we are not hungry, simply to satiate ourselves and feel a little better about ourselves. In such instances, it becomes easier for us to fall into the trap of bad eating habits and decrease our nutrition count even further.

However, if you focus on taste, you must also focus on nutrition. It shall help you in getting the best of your routine and saying goodbye to stress forever. Here are some delicious and healthy food options  that you must be try.

1. Avocados: It contains healthy fats which makes it one of the most nutritious fruit that will be showing stress the door. They contain B vitamins, which are very essential in boosting healthy skin and body functions. Moreover, it is one of the primary stress relieving ingredients. They also contains potassium as well as mono saturated fats that can help in lowering blood pressure, making your feel more relaxed than before.

2. Asparagus: Stress can lead to depression which is generally known to occur because of lower levels of folic acid in our body. It can cause insomnia, irritability and even brain fog. Asparagus comes with a heavy folic acid boost and it can easily be included in any meal.

3. Blueberry: These berries have a high level of antioxidants which helps in repairing and protecting our cells from damage. They are small but come with a heavy dosage of vitamin C as well. It helps in giving you an instant boost as well.

4. Almonds: Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E and Vitamin B2  which will help in reducing stress and keeping the immune system up and going within a short time. They also give the body a lot of energy to get up and get going.

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