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Hair threading is one of the popular methods of removing facial hair. Threading is very effective in getting rid of unwanted hair. Skin becomes smooth after the hair removal process. It is also very economical because it does not involve expensive products like creams/lotions, wax or costly treatments like laser. By threading, you can remove unwanted hair on the upper lip and other parts of the face.

Threading is a beauty process that has been around since ancient times. In India and in the Middle East. It has been used to remove facial hair for many centuries. Traditionally, threading is done by using a piece of thread. By twisting and rolling the thread all over the face, the hair gets entangled in the thread and gets pulled out from its follicles.

Today, a modern invention has been created to make threading a lot easier. The Epicare® threader allows you to do the entire process on your own in the comfort of your own home. Epicare® has made it very convenient because there is no longer any need to go to the salon to have your facial hair removed. Instead, use the Epicare® hair threading tool and do it yourself. You no longer have to make frequent trips for salon visits. Think of all of the money that you can save while still keeping your face smooth and hair–free!

The Epicare® threader is also very handy and it fits inside the smallest purse that you own. You can take it anywhere so you can remove your facial hair even when you are not at home. Busy women may forget to remove their facial hair because they are in a rush in the mornings. With the Epicare® threading tool, you can just remove your facial hair in your car, at the office or just about anywhere. Calling salons to make an appointment is no longer necessary. Since Epicare is your personal appliance, you don’t need to worry about catching an infection or a skin disease from other people.

It’s safe, economical, hygienic, effective and good–looking too!

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