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We all know that “First impression makes a lasting Impression”. When we meet someone for the first time, we become so conscious and dress ourselves in our best attire. We want to look presentable and leave the best impression on the other person. Our external appearance, when we interact with the other person is what initially makes them feel attracted towards us. We go through great lengths to create a lasting impression. Grooming and removing unwanted facial hair gives women a sensual and feminine look that looks more alluring. Unwanted hair on the face makes one feel self conscious and less confident. There are several methods of removing peach fuzz or facial hair by using the best facial hair removal products in the market. Here are some of them:


The system is fairly expensive but may be effective for some. You can visit the beauty parlor and ask someone to use electrolysis to remove the extra hair or you can buy the product itself. The functions of this product is very simple and you can easily use it at home anytime you feel like. In the long run the cost of electrolysis product is very effective and turns out to be an investment for you.


Threading is a form of facial hair removal where facial hair is removed with the use of a cotton thread. An experienced professional at the beauty salon has to remove facial hair or shape eyebrows using this technique. This method is very popular but requires regular upkeep. Epicare® is a revolutionary spring that removes facial hair like threading but eliminates the thread with its unique spring. Women can now thread in the comfort of their own homes without having to take regular trips to the salon.


There are many brands of epilators that are used to remove the unwanted hair from your face. They are battery operated and can be costly in the beginning but can be cost effective in the long run.


Sugaring is  hot wax made from melted sugar. The only difference between normal wax and this is that sugaring is less painful and does not stick to your skin.  You need to have someone by your side who knows how to properly apply the wax. Its effect is very long lasting and the facial hair removal product is inexpensive. With time it reduces the growth of hair on your face.

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