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Going away for a great exotic vacation or enjoying a long holiday with your family and friends. It is definitely  something that we all look forward to the holiday. It gives us an opportunity to re–connect with our loved ones in our busy lives. However, you must not forget that haphazard routines and a break from your usual diet can always result in toxic buildup in your body. You should try to make sure that this kind of buildup is removed completely from your body as soon as you come back from a holiday. In order to start doing this, you should follow these simple tips and get ready for a great detox routine especially after excessive eating during the holidays.

Remember, you can  opt for exfoliation and facial hair removal or body hair removal treatments at any time. But they would be of no use if your body is not cleansed properly. You will find the perfect skin you have been looking for.

1. Always set up a realistic time frame for completing your detox goals. Don’t try to go beyond your boundaries. You don’t even think about going the extra mile with your body by dragging yourself to do what you cannot. Understand your boundaries well. Start with a 5 day detox plan and extend it if you feel like.

2. Create a realistic exercise goal. Exercising is a great way to reduce weight and cleanse your body. However, you should be making sure that you don’t overdo it. It will only cause fatigue in your body and may cause you to injure yourself by being over zealous which in turn will be detrimental to your health and counter–productive.

3. Drink as much water as you possibly can. There is no 8 to 10 glass rule that you need to follow. The best detox cleanser for your body is water. It can safely be consumed without worrying about spiking your blood sugar levels or even calories. This will also help you protect yourself against severe toxic buildup and dehydration. If your body is properly hydrated, you will be able to make sure that you cleanse your body on the go.

4. Use fresh and organic fruits and veggies and try to eat them in their raw state. Fried, rich  and  sugary food should be avoided at all costs in order to get the maximum benefits. Make sure that you buy organic produce. While they may be more costly, it is worth the extra investment as they are pesticide free and will not contribute to adding more toxins in your body.

5. Try not to eat anything after 7:00PM. You burn a lot of calories during the daytime but food taken after 7:00PM is generally not quite a great addition to your calorie burning stats. If you feel hungry, you should have some salad or have some fruit.

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