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Hair Removal for Busy Working MumsWomen, especially mothers, are busy people and we often don’t have the time for all the little details involved in looking our best.

When it comes to facial hair removal we might sandwich it in between breakfast and making up our faces in the morning but chances are, we forget about it until it becomes painfully obvious. Then it’s time to try to find a precious hour or so to spend at the salon or is it? We can go to the stores and try to find the best facial hair removal products for busy working mums or endure a painful waxing session for upper lip hair removal but there is one simple, time saving method that will fit into our busy schedule—Epicare®.

As a busy working mums, they know how valuable the time is and how important it is to cut costs while getting the most out of your budget. Spending time in a salon means skimping on time with your children, hurrying through an assignment at work. It generally lowers the quality of time that you have for yourself and is effective as laser hair removal and much less painful than waxing. Epicare® uses the time tested method of threading hair removal that’s been used by women since the Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt. It is natural, economical and best of all, it takes just a few minutes of your time whenever you can spare it.

The Epicare® system is very simple; just bend the hypo–allergenic coated steel spring into a U shape and run it back and forth over the area where you need facial hair removal. The springs trap and pulls out the hair by the roots. It will sound painful and the process is so quick. You should not use it in the eyebrows area. It is the best hair remover for busy working mums that don’t have the time or the money to spend on costly salons.

We should not suffer through the irritation and horrible smell of harsh chemical hair remover products. When you spend just a couple of minutes in front of your mirror and you remove the facial hair with it

You don’t have to be at home to use Epicare® since it is portable, cordless and does not use batteries. In fact, you can carry it around in your purse and use it anywhere you want. Epicare® will not damage your delicate facial skin. It does not cause wrinkles by ripping off a layer of skin like laser hair removal and waxing does. Any time you have a few moments you can use Epicare® for facial hair removal.

To remove hair on your upper lip or you want to eliminate of a few irritating hairs on your chin or cheeks. The Epicare® threading hair removal method is the best facial hair removal method for busy mothers on the go.

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