Epicare® is a revolutionary hair removal system that provides smooth and soft feminine skin by getting rid of unsightly facial hair or peach fuzz. The inspiration behind the making of this excellent hair removal product came from the Indian and Middle Eastern threading concept. These regions have been using threading for centuries to remove facial hair with ease. With Epicare’s revolutionary spring, threading has become a very popular phenomenon in the western market. It is an easy hair removal system that provides an effortless facial hair removal solution to customers.

The best thing about Epicare® is that you can use it anytime and anywhere. It comes with a sleek design that can be easily carried in a handbag or a small clutch as well. Facial hair remover products have been disappointing women worldwide. Epicare® solves this issue with it’s simple and effective system to help women look their best. It uses anytime and anywhere. The portability and ease of usage of Epicare® makes it affordable, convenient. It is one of the best facial hair removal product in the world.

We have distributors in Canada, USA, France, New Zealand, Finland & Poland. We have a strong distributors base and it is growing further and wider everyday. It is giving women an opportunity to experience this wonderful threader. Women can now say goodbye to the unpleasant task of plucking and waxing and adopt a newer and better way of removing facial hair. By becoming one of our distributors of Epicare®, you will be able to reap profits by becoming a dealer of a worldwide phenomenon. As Epicare® continues to expand its presence worldwide, we need a stronger sales network to fulfill the demands of our customers. You can contact us at our address or on the phone number given below. Get in touch with us today and explore a brand new way to make more profits and become a part of one of the leading cosmetic businesses of the world.


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