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Epicare® hair removal threadersChoosing the Right Epicare® Color:

Epicare® hair removal threaders are affordable, easy to use and very effective. In addition, they also come in a variety of different colors to suit the consumer’s personal preference or style.

The wide range of colors available on this simple facial hair removal product has become a great talking point among consumers because there’s a strong link between choice of color and personality.

Color choices:

The manufacturer of Epicare® Threader delights clients with their favorite color as consumers have a preferred color for anything that they choose. The color choice for an Epicare® product may well reveal something special about the user.

Forest Green: Green usually symbolizes freshness and life like the forest which is strong and alive. This color offers harmony, hope, peace and tranquility. The sincere and gentle personality would choose a Forest-Green Epicare® that reflects their modesty and generosity.

Sunshine Yellow: Yellow is bright and when combined with sunshine, double joy and happiness are in store for the Sunshine Yellow Epicare® user. People who love yellow are seen to have a great sense of humor as well as strong business acumen with a constant optimism in life.

Girly Pink: Young at heart, gentle and good-natured, those who choose pink remain delicate, refined and friendly. You’re also romantic, dreamy and have a youthful appearance. The Girly Pink Epicare® user is a nurturing person at heart, soft and warm towards others and very approachable.

Ocean Blue: Blue is a sensitive yet outstanding color as the ocean that is wide and deep. Users of Ocean Blue Epicare® are cool and open with a stable personality; these are usually the independent thinkers with a strong personality who know what they want in life.

Soothing Lavender: Lavender is ideal for those who are highly cultured with a love for the finer things in life. Soothing Lavender Epicare® allows its users to feel pampered and yet be a great encouragement to others around them.

Timeless Black: Black is a classic color that reflects the dignity of the Timeless Black Epicare® user. There may be some elements of mystery which many may find intriguing.

Fiery Red: Red is always hot! Only the bold and beautiful would choose the Fiery Red Epicare®. There is more than enough energy and excitement to go around with people who love red.

Fuchsia Pink: Fuchsia pink Epicare® users are generally warm and happy with a passion for life. These users are more than the normal ˜happy-go-lucky’ consumers; they have a positive outlook to life.

Based on the above associations of color with your personality, the Epicare® product you choose says a lot about you! You could also gift it according to the personality traits of the receiver.

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