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JPEGFacial hair is a problem that annoys women of all ages. It may be genetic or caused by  hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or an over-active thyroid or other glandular issues. Whatever its cause, it has the power to make women feel less feminine and attractive. It invites hurtful remarks and jokes from friends, co-workers and family. In extreme cases, even damage the woman’s self–esteem.

Conventional methods of hair-removal are as old as the art and science of beauty itself. In most beauty salons, the bulk of daily treatments fall under facial hair removal. Some women prefer waxing or bleaching, both of which are ultimately harmful to the skin and the environment. Waxing can damage the delicate skin of the face and cause allergic reactions, red bumps and ugly open pores. It is also extremely painful and one has to wait till the hair grows to a certain length before it can be waxed. Waxing also removes a thin layer of skin, causing it to sag or wrinkle in the long run. With bleaching or depilatory creams/lotions you can have horrendous side-effects if you’re allergic to the harsh ammonia-based chemicals. 

In the hands of a careless salon attendant, you can get skin rashes and burns, your eyes can turn red and water, and you can also face respiratory problems if you have asthma or breathing problems. Bleaching can also cause dark pigmentation of the skin in the long run. Other treatments include laser which is quite expensive if you opt for a dermatologist-conducted procedure. Home-laser treatments cannot guarantee permanent results. In India and the Middle East, an age-old method of facial hair removal has prevailed over the decades. With the use of a cotton thread, hair is pulled out by its roots. Compared to other methods, it is hassle-free and inexpensive. Unlike waxing or bleaching, there’s no need to wait till the product begins acting. It is also extremely fast in the hands of an expert and causes minimum damage or pain to the skin. It is also very hygienic, as the thread is broken off once the attendant is done with you. Today this method is gaining huge popularity in the West and has led to the invention of Epicare®, the World’s First Do-It-Yourself manual threader, a manual spring-coil device which can be used without the need to visit a salon.

With Epicare®, you don’t need to master the expertise required in threading and you can use it to tackle your facial-hair problem wherever and whenever you like. It’s also inexpensive, available on-line and comes in a variety of attractive handle colors, with its own attractive pouch, making it a great gifting idea.

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