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104678_1386924787 (Copy)Hair removal products are a multi million dollar industry and the most faithful block of consumers are career women. Women have a variety of careers these days, some through necessity and many for personal fulfillment. Looking your best is essential. Busy women are frustrated with the time consuming task of facial hair removal. Women need ways to save time at looking their best in their busy lives.

Time is precious and looking your best can be painful and costly. Extra time saved can be spent with your family. Epicare® has the perfect solution for busy women everywhere. Saving both time and money, it is one of the most convenient methods of facial hair removal for women.

Until now, the only choices for facial hair removal have been foul smelling chemicals, laser treatments or time–consuming tweezing. Career women have had to make a choice between skin damage from chemicals and lasers. Tweezing is tedious and time consuming. Women have to wait for weekends so the redness and swelling of tweezing can subside before the workweek begins. This means more time time away from the family. Laser hair removal is expensive and poses the danger of infection as it abrades the skin. Chemical facial hair removers also strips off a layer of skin and can leave your face smooth and hairless but also red and peeling. Damage from such treatments dehydrates the skin and encourages wrinkles and lines long before you would normally begin to develop them. Bleaching facial hair is another option which merely makes the hair less visible. Imagine in the middle of a business meeting that the unbleached roots on your facial hair are showing! How embarrassing!

Epicare® has re–invented an ancient practice called threading hair removal with its revolutionary spring. Epicare® is quick, sanitary and a convenient new way of removing unwanted facial hair. It does not pull or tear away skin. Developing rashes, irritations or experiencing dehydration of the skin that can cause premature lines and wrinkles are minimal. Trips to a salon  will be cut down.  Use Epicare® anywhere you go even if there is no electricity! Epicare® doesn’t need batteries, cords, or any source of power except your own two hands. Save on electricity and battery costs. Plus, the high quality steel spring has a hypo–allergenic coating so that sensitive skin will not be irritated.

Use Epicare® before bed, while you touch up your makeup, between business meetings. You can even use it during your commute, provided you are not in the drivers seat! Just bend it into an inverted “U” shape using the easy grip handles and place it over the area where unwanted hair is growing. The only facial hair that Epicare® is not made to remove is your eyebrows. The Epicare® threading hair removal tool is just a few inches long. Carry it easily in your purse or pocket and use it anywhere at any time.

There’s no reason to spend time and money on hair removal products that damage your skin. With Epicare®, you will spend less than $2 a month! Each spring lasts from 6 – 9 months. In fact, Epicare® is such an economical and effective facial hair remover that you can have one at home, one to carry in your purse and one at the office. Save, save and save!

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