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AJA0251-300x199 Like they say, shaving’s for men, waxing’s for pain–lovers and plucking’s for chickens! If facial hair is your biggest frustration, you need a product that is safe, painless and easy to use. Shaving makes the hair grow back with blunt edges, giving it a coarser and thicker look. Waxing is painful, messy and can damage the delicate skin of your facial area. It possibly result in sagging of the skin. Plucking is time consuming and not for those with heavier growth. You also need to wait till the hair grows to a certain length before you can grip it with your tweezers.

Laser is expensive and the results are not 100%. Depilatory creams and lotions are good for home–use. They are time–consuming and allergic reactions could be a scary side–effect. Bleaching is highly chemical–intensive and effective only when the hair growth is fine. It can also give you severe skin reactions and damage. So what’s the solution?

A handy little product that doesn’t need power-outlets or charging, heating or messy applicators. It can be slipped into the tiniest of purses and saves you hundreds of dollars. It’s called Epicare® and the sheer simplicity of it will make you smile! Made of a small tightly coiled spring with two colored handles on either end, Epicare® is based on the traditional hair–removal practices prevalent in India and the Middle East called threading. However, unlike conventional threading, you don’t need to visit a salon to use it. It’s a self–help product and comes with its own little pouch which makes it convenient to store in the glove–compartment of your car, your desk in the office or in your dressing–table drawer at home. Being very reasonably priced, you can buy a few of them and keep them in multiple places for hairy predicaments! It’s also a great gifting idea.

The usage directions come with the box and are very clear and simple to follow, though it may take you a few trials to get it right initially. It’s meant primarily for the facial area – the upper and lower lip areas, chin, cheeks and sides of the face and neck. It’s not effective for eyebrow tweezing or removing hair on other body parts. Since Epicare® removes hair by the follicles, that is, from the roots, the effects are longer lasting and make you skin softer and make–up applied on it looks smoother and fresher. Unlike waxing, which can make skin wrinkle and sag after repeated use, Epicare® actually protects your skin. Very few women have reported allergic break–outs or rashes after use, since Epicare® is coated with a hypo–allergenic substance.

With Epicare®, you can save time and money while looking good!

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admin says:

Thank you for your comment.

Informative post! I am aware of Epicare before reading this post. I really want to try Epicare for removing facial hairs.

admin says:

Thank you for your comment and we are delighted to know that our articles are useful. Why don’t you try Epicare®? We are very confident that you will not regret.

Embarrassed says:

So as the name says I am embarrassed to say I’ve shaved facial hair. Will this work on those areas?

admin says:

Of course it will work all over your face. We are very confident that you will never regret.

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