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The Epicare® Threader Revolution To Combat Unwanted Facial Hair

Women are always searching for products that help combat the growth of facial hair. In a beauty obsessed society where everyone is under so much pressure to look their best, finding the right option is very important. The search for this miracle gadget ends here with revolutionary Epicare® threader.

Epicare® is the revolutionary DIY threader. It makes the chore of battling with facial hair so simple! Looking your best is literally at your fingertips. Hair is pulled from the roots and having hair free and smooth skin is just an Epicare® threader away. Epicare® eliminates the need to go to a salon for threading and does not use a cotton thread. It’s unique spring made from carbonized steel will pull those pesky peach fuzz/facial hair, several strands at a time. It is less tedious than tweezing as the Epicare® wand will grab whatever hair lies in its path. You will feel a tingle as when you pull the hair from the roots. What’s makes this tool more amazing is that it removes dead skin and allows makeup to glide more smoothly on hair free skin. No more messy wax that tugs at the skin and may cause the delicate facial skin on your face to sag over time or chemical burns from hair removal creams.

Epicare® is a battery free device. It certainly makes it even more wonderful that each spring will last for at least 6–9 months. It saves you both time and money and it is so compact. You can fit it into your purse like a pen. You can even use it in your car, bathroom, while you are watching T.V., or anyplace where you have some privacy. Epicare® does not nick the skin and it removes the hair from upper and lower lips, cheeks, neck, forehead and jawline. You cannot use it for the for the eyebrows. It is not meant for the bikini area. 

Just bend and roll Epicare® over the area where hair is to removed. Epicare® pulls the hair removes quickly from the roots. Looking your best has never been easier or more economical.

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