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Finding a facial hair removal method that actually works is a great idea. Epicare® is one such product that will definitely  win your heart. However, being able to remove facial hair doesn’t make your whole face beautiful, even though it helps in enhancing the beauty.

If you have under eye bags, then you know that hair removal products or cosmetic products can only help you to a certain extent. Your eyes will continue to look puffy and make you feel like a zombie straight out of some horror movie.

Are you experiencing this issue? Listed below are a few tips that will certainly  help you in getting the best results for your puffy eyes. The eye bags will be slowly reduce and you will start looking at the world with a brand new perspective and a renewed sense of self confidence. Take a look at what can be done.

1. Get an allergy treatment:

On a number of occasions, puffy eyes are a symptom or a result of some  kind of allergy. Because of an allergy, fluid tends to collect under your eyes, creating these puffy bags. In this case, you must definitely try to find out what is causing the allergies and try to eradicate the issue as soon as possible. Taking anti–histamines can help control the problem. symptoms and getting it treated as soon as possible.

2. No makeup:

If you habitually sleep with your make up, stop doing so right now. Always remove the makeup from your face, especially around the eyes before you sleep. Some cosmetic particles can actually irritate your eyes and this may be the reason why you may face some allergic reactions.

3. The good old cucumber:

Cucumbers can be used to reduce the puffiness of the eyes. This is quite a commonly known fact that cucumbers are used to soothe the eyes completely. Cut a fresh cucumber and take two thin slices to keep on the eyes. Make sure that the cucumber was refrigerated before using it. Let it be on your eyes for about 30 minutes. Relax completely during this time.

4. Green tea:

We all have them at home. Just take two teabags and soak them in chilled water for some time. Remove after about 10 – 15 minutes and then put them on your eyes for 20 minutes or so. Your puffy eyes will be gone for good.

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