Epicare® was conceptualised after hearing of women constantly complaining about their frustrations with facial hair, finding the time to go to beauty parlours, skin breakouts after threading or shaving and the list goes on.

After months of brainstorming, followed by over a year of testing and trying various springs, Epicare® was ready to be introduced to the world in early 1999. It was a proud moment.

The Launch of Epicare®

Epicare® was first launched in India in 1999, and sold over 10,000 pieces during the first 6 months! Epicare® then moved to Malaysia in 2002 where it won the Tesco Values Award from Tesco, Malaysia for selling an innovative and functional product that is value for money. (Tesco is a reputed and huge supermarket chain from U.K.)

Necessity is the mother of invention.

16 years later, Epicare® is now taking the world by storm and has relocated to Toronto, Canada. It is now available in over 12 countries and continues to expand into new territories.

Epicare® is proudly made in Canada and all our distributors ship internationally.

The Epicare® online store offers a highly secure payment gateway thereby eliminating the risks associated with online transactions. You can rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure as the company provides a double layered protection for all transactions. TD Bank is the major method of transaction. It’s reliability and reputation mean that you do not have to worry about anything going wrong.


Who doesn’t want to look good and feel great?

Ladies are particularly sensitive about the issue of unsightly hair on their faces. It makes them feel less feminine, it doesn’t allow make–up to glide on smoothly. Removing it is a painful, tedious and sometimes an expensive process, with risks of allergies, rashes or burns. Epicare® solves all these problems with its revolutionary spring action. Looking your best is just an Epicare® away!


Visit our online store and choose from 8 Epicare® colors.