The Best Facial Hair Remover

Epicare® is the easiest and fastest way to remove unsightly facial hair leaving your face smooth, silky and feminine anytime and anywhere.

  1. No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time
  2. No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth
  3. No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns
  4. No tweezing – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually
  5. No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective


Epicare® Close Up

Epicare® eliminates facial hair without the excruciating pain or expenses of waxing sessions or laser treatments and does not subject your skin to harsh bleaches and depilatory chemicals that may have long-term side effects.


Epicare® Usage

The Benefits of Epicare®

Epicare® is the first and only tool ever designed to remove very fine facial hair from root. The inferior imitation products could hardly get even close to what Epicare® is able to do for you.

  1. Hold the colored handles with your index finger and thumb, bend the Epicare® bar downwards by the handles as shown in the diagram (right) and place against your face where facial hair is to be removed.
  2. Roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous motion between your index finger and thumb. You will feel a slight tingling sensation as the hair is removed from the roots.
  3. And it’s done!

Just Bend and Roll, and all your unwanted facial hair will be done in just a few minutes for a smooth and silky look.

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The best thing about Epicare® is that it is so affordable compared to other methods of hair removal, and you stand to save a huge amount of money annually by choosing to use this hair removal product.