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‘I could not believe at first that such a simple tool will help me in removing facial hair. I was quite serious about facial hair removal and had tried everything for waxing to even using hair removal creams. It was a crazy idea. I still thought about giving it a shot. When the package arrived, I found a long metallic kind-of thing and I was not very impressed with what I had received. I thought it was something that came with buttons and power control settings. I followed the manual, saw the video and to my surprise, upper lip hair removal became a breeze. I was quite impressed with the results. I used it on the chin as well. It is my favorite hair removal system now. Thank you Epicare’
– Julia from Mesa, Arizona, USA.

‘I have not been one of the women who have been there and done that when it comes to hair removal. I have rather been quite okay with waxing. However, it was a pain to go to the salon again and again. My friend was using Epicare so I just tried it once. It was quite a good thing to use. The hair was gone and even those soft and fine hair was removed from my face. It was a great thing. I would recommend it for everyone’
– Jennifer from Toronto, Canada.

It is the most wonderful beauty tool in my bag. I carry it everywhere I go and have been addicted to this ever since I first used it. I am quite conscious about my facial hair as the growth rate is really fast. This is the reason why use this facial hair removal product every day. My skin has never felt so soft and there was no side effect or using it daily. I wish there was an Epicare product for body hair removal too.’
– Christine from Rosedale, Ontario, Canada.

I received my new Epicare last week and I love it. I had to come back and
order two more for future use. I don’t want to ever be without one!!!

Linda R. Texas, U.S.

My confidence has been boosted after years of
struggling with facial hair!
Mikela Toronto, Canada

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product. It was
exactly what I was looking for.
M. Wilcox Scottsdale, Arizona – U.S.

I would NEVER be without my Epicare. When the tornado hit (Just 3 blocks from me..I’m OK) the one thing I put in my to go bag was my Epicare. No really its true!…

I love love love your product. I have been dealing with hair on my face for years. Now I feel so much more confident. When I see a hair that has grown out. I think “die hair die hair” hahaha.

Thank you so much for your product.

Sandy B Oklahoma, U.S.A.

I have received my Epicare today, and I have immediately tried it. I’m loving it! Thanks for a wonderful product! 🙂

Monica C., Alaska, U.S.A.


Thank you for your quick response to my initial email, I really appreciate it. Wonderful customer service. I received my package today and am very pleased! I’ll definitely order from you again when I need a new one. Thanks!

Quincee P, Utah, U.S.A.


I’ve received my Epicare products and so far I am feeling good about the product. Although I do have to get the motions down pack I still was using my tweezers a bit. Hopefully when I do get down the motions correctly it’ll be perfect for me. In the mean time this is day one and as of now my face is left smooth. I have a lot of problems with my face with facial hair along the moustache, chin, cheek area and neck. So far from what I have seen I am going to really love this product.

Thank you

Rochelle H. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I received my new Epicare yesterday and used it last night and COULDN’T BE MORE IMPRESSED!!!!! A fantastic product – well done!!

L. D. Alberta, Canada.

Hi, I received my package today, tried the threader. It is amazing! Thank you so much!


Jaishree C. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Received my Epicare purchase. Thank you for the quick delivery. Very happy with the product.

Victoria K. Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Hi there,

Just now received my order….I must say I am impressed with both the Canadian and American postal service.

Thanks ever so much for your very QUICK service.

I will be ordering more as I need them and tell others about YOUR website….there are MANY “imitations” out there as you probably know…all you have to do is ‘Google’ it and MANY come up.

Thanks again…

Pat C. California, U.S.A.

I must admit I was extremely sceptical at first – in consideration of the lack of extensive publicity for something that really removes hair so easily – I must say, it is a gadget all girls ought to know about. Having a good number of hairs on my upper lip, it took me an hour to remove them all – and that was with several stops due to my very low pain threshold!

I have subsequently purchased two more for family members; the Epicare you sent me had pink handles – is there any way that you could send me two different colours on the other Epicares – so that us girls don’t get ours mixed up.

Thank you, and best wishes,

Sophie Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi, Just received the Epicare, and its brilliant! Really impressed by it, and how smooth it leaves my face! Thanks

Molly Ontario, Canada

Hi, Just to let you know that we received our Epicare products. Both my daughter and I have been using them and just love the product – at first it feels a bit strange but with practice it works great. Thanks

Mary Calgary, Canada

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product. It was exactly what I was looking for. And it works terrific and is so easy. I’m so happy to have found Epicare.

M. Wilcox Scottsdale, Arizona – U.S.


I received the Epicare today and rushed to the bathroom to try it out. It worked perfectly and didn’t hurt at all. I guess that’s what happens when your skin has been around the block for a few decades. Lol.

What a joy to see skin again instead of fuzz.

Thanks for selling a great product.

B. Murray British Columbia, Canada


Actually, this is the second time I am buying Epicare but this time it’s for my best friend back in Egypt. I tried it before and I really love it’s results and that is the main reason I have been publicizing it to everyone I know.

Thank you for the instructions, they are very helpful.

Have a good day!

Mai London, Canada

I am extremely happy with the service provided. The email information provided was helpful and accurate. For the first few seconds using Epicare it made me a bit jumpy as I was not used to this method of removing facial hair. However, once I got used to it I was very happy with my purchase. It is very easy to use and efficient and cost saving as I will not be purchasing any more creams. It is also easy to carry when traveling. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to remove facial hair.

Thank you,

Andrea Newfoundland, Canada

This is the third time I have ordered from you. You have a great product and am not interested in trying anyone else version of yours. Effective, easy to use and reasonably priced. What more could one ask for? Thank you again for your wonderful invention.

M. Boehm Ontario, Canada

Hi there,

Received my Epicare unit on Monday. Must say that I am delighted with it. I’ve suffered from Cystic Ovaries for years, and the extra chin hair is popping up as a result of it has been driving me round the bend. I’ve tried tweezing and the cream, but the tweezing was cumbersome, and the cream left a red rash.

The Epicare is great beacuse it does a better job than the cream, but does not leave a rash. My skin is moderately sensitive, so I wasn’t sure if I’d have a problem with the Epicare, but happily, I did not. Will definitely order more of these! THanks for a fabulous product.


Stephanie Toronto, Canada

I just got my Epicare today. It works great. The pain does get getting used to, but the more I did it, the less pain I felt! My skin feels so smooth afterwards; just like a salon threading or wax. I do like this product and will certainly keep it and tell my family and friends. I would love to have one strictly for eyebrows though!!


Moana Ontario, Canada

I’ve been using the facial hair threader since around the 5th or 6th of January. I received it super fast by Canada Post (thank you).

The facial hair threader is fantastic, easy to use, no mess, no fuss and it gets rid of unwanted facial hair beautifully. I just love it and am so glad that I ordered one. If anyone is thinking about ordering one and hasn’t done so yet, don’t wait you’ll be so happy that you did.

Thanks for a great product Epicare!

J. Gordon Ontario, Canada

I received my new Epicare last week and I love it. I had to come back and order two more for future use. I don’t want to ever be without one!!!

Linda R. Texas, U.S.

I received my Epicare product and case today in the mail. I was very pleased by how quickly it arrived! I immediately tried it out. My first reaction: wow, that hurts a bit! Second reaction: LOOK AT ALL THE HAIR THAT PULLED OUT! I wasn’t dismayed by any (rather minimal) pain I felt in using this product, but was rather thrilled because that meant it was pulling out a lot of hair by the root. I am absolutely amazed with the results! I’m one of those lucky girls who not only has dark hair on her upper lip and almost unmanageable eyebrows, but who also has noticeable peach fuzz on her entire face. After giving the Epicare a good workout, I can honestly say for the first time in my life that me face is COMPLETELY fuzz-free! It even worked on very very fine, short hair! I usually just pluck any obvious hair, but this is so tedious and time consuming. I had basically accepted the fact that I would have fuzz, since shaving and waxing are too harsh for my skin and caused breakouts, and plucking would never get it all. That all changed today!

Thank you, Epicare, you now have a life – long customer!

Veronica D. Ontario, Canada


This is to inform you that I received my Epicare in the post today. It arrived earlier than expected. I have tried it already. I am really happy with the results. I found it to be way better than threading. It is less painful, and does not leave any unsightly marks. I feel thrilled that I made the right choice.

Thanks for a lovely product.


Rashmi R. Ontario, Canada

Hi there,

I received my Epicare yesterday. I used it last night. I have to say I am very satisfied with it. I have very sensitive skin especially my cheeks, when I have tried waxing it irritates my skin and leaves bumps and redness. When I used Epicare last night it was a little red for about half hour then my skin was back to normal and it took off lots of unwanted hair. I am happy with the product. I will definitely be purchasing another when the time comes.


Kelly Ontario, Canada

Epicare = Epimiracle!!!! I am a middle aged woman with light colored facial hair due to menopause I’m sure. Your product has saved me many hours of trying pluck. Waxing was out, it irritated my skin. I heard shaving is not a good option. So when I saw Epicare I decided to try it. I have to use it about twice a week, but my skin feels so soft after use. You can bet I told all my friends to give your product a try!!!! Thanks!

R. Motta Vancouver, Canada

Just got it in the mail and used it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.And now my sister and mom want one! Thank you!

Mona Ottawa, Canada

Just wanted to let you know i was pleasantly surprised to receive the epicare threader so soon after ordering. Thank you.

Diane Vancouver, Canada

It took me a few tries using it to get the technique but its so easy to use now, painless and really does take out even downy fine hairs so easily. I am delighted with it. No more waxing appointments for me! I wish I had found it years ago and will recommend and show it to everyone I can think of.

This thing is amazing. I used it as soon as I got it. It is the first thing I have found that effectively removes ALL the hairs and it is almost painless. AND! I was done in a very few minutes!

I have been battling facial hair since I was a teenager (I am very blond with peachy skin so the white hairs are very visible) .

For the past 10 years, I had been using the “Braun Epil-Touch” which was frustrating and painful and used lots of batteries and still did not remove all the hairs. Before that, it was waxing. My teenage daughter has the same problem, so I am ordering one for her too. I hope your company is around for the next 50 years so we can keep getting them.
Thank you.

Lydia Montreal, Canada

Hey there,
Just to let you know I received it today… and I`m really happy of my purchase, I just love it…
Thank you so much!

Manzoor Montreal, Canada

I received the Epicare yesterday night and I used it today – it was really easy to use and it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.
Thank you.

Jenny Ontario, Canada

I used your product yesterday (as soon as I got it) and it is amazing!! Definitely worth the wait!

Andrea M. Ontario, Canada

I like to inform you that I received the Epicare-Facial Hair Removal Device and I just love it! It is so easy to use and it works great. I was also surprised with the fast and efficient delivery, I got it within two days. I will be ordering three more soon as presents for my sisters.
Thank you very much from a very happy and satisfied customer!

Dolores C. Ontario, Canada

What a fantastic service, I received my Epicare yesterday! Works beautifully.

Joana S. Ontario, Canada

Hi… I have just started using Epicare and think it is absolutely fantastic. Out of interest I also tried the cheaper versions on the market but there is no comparison and the cheaper ones just didn’t do the same job. I noticed from your website that you only have one distributor in Scotland and one in England, is that how you want to keep it or is it open for you to take on more? Also out of interest can you tell me why the product is not in the major stores over here? I just cant understand it as it is such a fantastic product. I’m not sure how I came across Epicare on the internet (but really glad I did) but I had just never heard of the product before. The only reason I can think of is that hair removal is big money to these companies and Epicare would make a big dent in these profits as I really cant think of any reason why it is not in the our retail stores. Many thanks …….

Jane, U.K.

Received it. And love it… fast and easy. Thanks.

Rosa Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

I received my Epicare. It is really fabulous! Took no time at all to use! No more waxing which is messy and not great on the skin. Thank you to whomever invented this!
Wondering about cleaning it? I will check your website.

Thank you!

Nikki Ontario, Canada

I did receive my Epicare and I must tell you that already I love it. When I received it, I had just had my upper lip and eyebrows threaded. I can go about 6 – 8 weeks before having to have my eyebrows done, but my upper lip starts getting fuzzy after only 2 weeks. This is where the Epicare comes in. Yes, it does sting a little but if I do it as a few hairs come in, the pain is nothing compared to having the entire upper lip done at once. I love this little gadget. It is wonderful for me.

Thanks so much. Glad I saw the ad in Beauty Magazine.

Joan Ontario, Canada

Just to inform you that I have received my Epicare today. I tried it out and it’s amazing! Will need more practice though with the movement, but I’d say my first attempt was a success. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has threading/waxing on their upper lip done regularly.

Thank you!

Caysie Ontario, Canada

I received my Epicare yesterday. I really want to thank you for this product. It’s very good. I could not imagine that I would be able to use it, but I used it immediately upon receiving it and it worked well with me.

Shimaa Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to let you all know that Epicare is this little tool that works absolutely wonderfully. My confidence has been boosted after years of struggling with facial hair. Really, you have made a big difference in my life.

Mikela Toronto, Canada

I just wanted to let your company know how much my wife and daughter respects your incredible and highly effective hair removal tool. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality hair removal products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give Epicare my wholehearted appreciation. I plan on purchasing Epicare products a lot this year for my wife and daughter and look forward to many more years of enjoyment and reliability from your company. My wife is planning on letting her friends at her local Mom’s Club know how great Epicare is at her monthly meeting in the beginning of next month. You guys are a true success and I am also thinking about writing some reviews for Epicare hair removal tool on and Please thank everybody involved in making Epicare so awesome!

Thank you.

Nick New Jersey, U.S.

Thank you for my order. I have received it in good condition and look forward to giving it to my sister-in-law from Europe who thinks this is the most marvelous object she has ever seen. We both love it. I have told my family and friends about it.

Joan T Ontario, Canada.

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