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HealthValleySalonandSpa There are scores of hair removal products on the market today, each claiming that they are the best hair remover. Hair removal reviews of these devices and methods are everywhere. Each swears that they are the best facial hair removal product for women.

How many of us have spent hundreds of dollars over the years only to be disappointed? Have you suffered the pain and embarrassment of blotchy, sore skin for a day or two?

Now there is a better way of facial hair removal that is economical, relatively painless, convenient and portable. Epicare® is hypo–allergenic, portable, doesn’t require batteries or any type of electricity. You can take and use it anywhere you wish! If this sounds too good to be true, just remember that the simplest ideas are usually the best. Epicare® is a threading hair removal method that it is used for centuries by women spanning the globe. It is traded the traditional cotton thread for a sleek steel spring that has a hypo–allergenic coating. No wax is needed and there is nothing to break. Your skin isn’t subjected to harsh chemicals that can cause wrinkles, lines and other damage.

Before Epicare®, there were similar devices but they were not hypo–allergenic. They use batteries at an alarming rate, driving up the cost of facial hair removal and causing a lot of inconvenience. They miss a lot of hair that the user may not notice, but only to be embarrassed at a social function shortly after treatment. In addition, these electric devices are often just as painful as tweezing and often do not pull out the root of the hair so that it grew back very quickly.

Another alternative is waxing, a painful and expensive process that is often more trouble than its worth. If you have children you have to hire a sitter, make the trip to the salon, sit through the process and tip the operator. When you get home you have to pay the sitter and nurse sore, reddened skin and hope that it’s back to normal by the time you have to go to work or appear in public again. Waxing is definitely not one of the best facial hair removal products for women. Until now it was one of the few options available that was fairly affordable. Another disadvantage is that it causes the delicate skin on your face to sag in time as waxing requires tugging of the skin.

Epicare® removes hair at the root and the hair will grow back more slowly. It will grow in thinner and finer than before. You will have control over the process and you choose the speed, pressure and stop whenever you choose. You will feel some discomfort the first time you use it. But it is less and less as you repeat the treatments and the skin is desensitized. Most women say that it’s significantly less painful than tweezing and much faster.

Of course, the best hair remover is a matter of personal taste. But if you want a facial hair remover that is economical, fast, and portable Epicare® will meet all your needs.

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