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Face Hair RemovalFacial hair removal is a problem for women of all ages and finding the best facial hair removal products for women can be a bit intimidating, especially when you’re a teenagers on a limited budget.

It’s tough enough being a teenager without having to deal with embarrassing and unwanted facial hair; teens can be unspeakably cruel and one errant hair can make a girl the butt of jokes for years. Finding the right hair removal product can make the difference between having a wonderful school experience or years of misery and social awkwardness.

Teenagers have unique needs due to their changing hormones as well as the sensitivity of their tender facial skin. Many teens are already battling acne and harsh chemicals and wax treatments can aggravate that condition. Most people don’t realize chemical facial hair remover also tears away a layer of skin; in teens this can upset the delicate balance of their over sensitive skin. The skin cells scramble to protect the face and produce more oils than usual, often resulting in a fresh outbreak of acne.

Many teenagers would opt for laser hair removal if they could but it is the rare teen that has that kind of money and these days, most parents don’t have enough disposable income to cover such treatment. Laser hair removal does more damage than good, however, because it, too, rips off a layer of sensitive skin or cause hyper–pigmentation.

So if chemicals and laser treatments do more harm than good, what’s teenagers to do about unwanted facial hair? Sometimes the best ideas are the oldest! Epicare® has developed the modern equivalent of threading hair removal which was used for thousands of years by women all over the world. It uses cotton thread like in ancient times. Epicare® has developed a carefully crafted spring of quality steel with hypo–allergenic coating and comfortable, colorful grips. Just bend the spring into an inverted U shape and roll it over the area where facial hair removal. It needs where to remove the hair from the roots.

This facial hair remover may sound painful but the sensation is surprisingly mild and subsequent treatments are even more comfortable. Facial hair will return but the hair will be finer. You can take Epicare® anywhere, making it easy to remove errant hairs when teenagers are on the go. It does not have cords or uses batteries. Epicare® measures only a few inches in length. It is one of the best facial hair removal products for women and particularly teenagers. It is natural and harmless way to remove unwanted facial hair.

Epicare® is affordable, too. One Epicare® spring lasts anywhere from six months to a year. It costs just $15, making it practical for every budget. Teenagers looking for the best hair remover at a price they can afford will love Epicare®.

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