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slider9-aThreading is a traditional way of removing unwanted hair from problem areas. This technique is used for the eyebrows but also on other facial parts, like upper lips, lower lips, cheeks and chin. For this technique, a cotton thread is twisted to pull the facial hair from their roots.

Advantages of Facial hair threading

Facial hair threading is a technique which only pulls the hair instead of the skin, making it safer to use. This does not cause the skin to loosen and does not develop premature wrinkles. Threading is safe for facial hair removal because it does not use harmful chemicals and heat. It is the best alternative for those people who have sensitive skin and suffer from acne. Facial hair threading helps to add shape and definition to the brow. It also can be used to eliminate a uni brow or to raise the arch of the eyebrow. Facial hair threading removes long hair, short hair and very short hair as well from your face. If threading is done on a regular basis, it weakens the hair growth because it lifts the hair from the follicles. Facial hair threading removes one clean line of hair all at one go from your face, which makes it quicker and easier. This technique is less painful than any other method of hair removal. With facial hair threading method you can avoid skin rashes or excessive redness, but may experience some redness on your face after threading which subsides after the skin calms down.

Disadvantages of facial hair threading

If facial hair threading has been done by any inexperienced professional, you hair re–growth will re–grow very quickly or your skin may be nicked. Your facial hair can break, if it has been threaded incorrectly. The length of facial hair should be at least 1/16 inches long for the thread to wrap around it properly. It can be difficult to find someone experienced in facial hair threading. This is an art which cannot be learnt in a couple of classes. That is the reason you will not find many spas or salon’s that offers facial hair threading. Epicare® eliminates the thread with its revolutionary spring and is definitely a great solution for this purpose as it saves you both time and money and has the added benefit of allowing you the freedom to thread in the comfort and privacy of your home or any place to choose.

Facial hair threading results in finer hair growth

This technique of hair removal removes the facial hair by the roots and will result in finer hair growth. It provides a smooth and silky finish to your face. Although facial hair threading can be painful in the beginning, your skin will get de–sensitised over time. It is a safer option for  people who have sensitive skin and are allergic to chemicals. With regular threading, you will experience lesser hair growth on your face.

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