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guggul-flower-and-fruitIn this series, we will be talking about Guggul, an ancient Ayurvedic Indian herb as this has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine.

You can easily find Guggul in any Indian Ayurvedic or herb shop near you. This is a versatile herb and it carries a number of purposes. It has anti–inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It also helps in boosting the immune system in the body. It actually has a kind of resin which it is obtained from the Mukul Myrrh tree. It also used for urinary tract problems, skin diseases and even joint pains. We even use it for Cystic or severe Acne issues. They are prevalent for a long time and moreover, we use it for Acne on the face and chest as well as the back Acne. It is as effective as tetracycline, a prescription drug for Acne.

How to use:

It is quite unlikely that you are able to get Guggul in it’s natural form. The good thing is that, it is available in the form of Gugguglsterones. They are hardly processed or to be provided with unnecessary chemical preservatives. This is why it retains its freshness and its benefits. These patients with Acne can take in 50 mg. dose every day.


Guggul has very strong laxative properties which it causes headache, diarrhea and even vomiting. You should always start using it in a smaller quantities in the beginning. You should also take advice from an Ayurvedic expert before starting to use it. You also make sure that you are not using any strong medications while using Guggul. In principle, it is an herb that it will cleanse and detox your body with ease.

You can take Guggul for a number of other purposes as it is because of its anti–bacterial properties. You should also make sure that you are buying only genuine products.

Other Benefits of Guggul:

• Promotes detoxification and rejuvenation*
• Purifies the blood*
• Helps maintain healthy Cholesterol levels already within the normal range*
• Kindles Agni (digestive fire)*
• Promotes healthy weight management*
• Supports comfortable movement of the joints*
• Is a natural source of anti–oxidants*
• Strengthens the immune system*
• Helps engender vibrant, healthy skin*
• Supports a regular menstrual cycle*

Guggul is very subtle and it has a penetrating qualities. It means, that Yogavahi which it is often employs specifically in carrying other substances deep into the tissues. Furthermore, it’s combination with other herbs, it actually lends direction to its powerful detoxifying. It also has rejuvenating qualities as well. Guggul pacifies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Although, it is especially renowned for alleviating Vata aggravations. In general, Guggul has an affinity for all of the tissues in the body. It has also affinity for circulatory, digestion, nervous, and respiratory systems too. Guggul has very scraping property as it enables it to clear toxins from the tissues. It also channels while it is rejuvenating them. In fact, it has scraping quality that it gives Guggul a number of it’s beneficial attributes.

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