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woman-taking-selfie-620x400 (Copy)Have you ever taken a selfie or appeared in a photo shoot? Of course you have–and then some bright spark has commented on your beautiful skin. The next words are usually, “It looks like she has airbrushed her face on Photoshop or something”?

It’s true many women (and even some men) have taken to having their faces airbrushed for the camera. Former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, notoriously had his face airbrushed in one poster prior to an election once. But did you know it’s possible to look like you have skin that’s airbrushed, when in fact it’s not?

Women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, suggests the route to perfect facial skin is to apply foundation just about everywhere on the face. That means brushing under the eyes and brow of the eyes, as well as the neck. Make sure you go all the way down to the collar then begin to brighten up underneath the eye.

Applying foundation all over the face gets rid of that ruddy look everyone has around and on the nose. You should begin the application of the foundation by starting in the middle of your face. This is the upper cheek bone area, where most parts of the face tend to have that red glow look. Be sure the foundation base matches skin colour and hue exactly.

Most foundations come in at least 16 different tones. Choosing the one that suits your face is important. If necessary ask a friend or family member for a second opinion.

The soft, sometimes saggy skin under the eye can often gather a small pool of blood. This will sit behind a thin layer of skin. That skin layer is much softer and thinner than the one that covers your cheeks, forehead and neck. And it is the reason why we see dark circles under the eyes, otherwise known as panda eyes or racoon eye. So brightening this part of your face up is important to get that smooth all–over look.

Next, you will need to set the entire face with pressed powder. Now make sure to close your eyes as you brush close to them. Then warm the face using a rapid brush movement before adding a natural flush. Warming the face should be performed using a duster. Next, start around the upper cheek bones and move around to the forehead. This ensures all the lines and contours are literally airbrushed away.

Adding that natural flush at the end means looking for a sober shade of the colour you really love. The fairer your skin, the lighter the blush colouring should be. Dark–skinned women should go for bolder colourings with a strong hue. When applying the natural flush, do so right on the plums of your cheeks. Then swirl the duster around in a circular motion.

You may want to take a selfie or get a friend to snap a photograph of yourself. One to be done before and then after you have applied the airbrushed look. This way you can see just how successful this procedure is in giving you wonderful, natural, clean cut looking skin.

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