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woman-washing-faceWelcome to our new series “Herbs that cure Acne”. This series has specially been designed for those who are sick and tired of their Acne problems and do not wish to use creams and over the counter medications.

They are many people whose personal lives are deeply affected. Because they are ashamed and embarrassed to go out in public  because they suffer from severe Acne. It affects their self confidence and it makes them want to withdraw from the world for fear of being stared at or judged. It is our hope that one of these remedies will help you find a solution to this painful and emotionally scarring issue.

The biggest problem with Acne is that it can erupt at any time. It brings havoc to your social life and interrupts and gets in the way of living your daily life. The first step is to ensure that you keep your skin as clean as possible with a daily cleaning ritual to prevent the accumulating of dirt that can cause flares ups for overly sensitive skin. You will be glad to know that there are many herbal and natural treatments for Acne. We will be talking about a few herbs that you will be able to use easily in order to eliminate Acne in this series.

We also suggest that you avoid stress at any cost. This is an important step towards reducing breakouts to eliminate of Acne issues. You will find that there will be more flare outs in times of stress or over excitement. Yes, now you know why you always get pimples right on the tip of your nose before a special date. This is just the way our body reacts to stress. Therefore, make sure not to be too stressed out. Clean your face twice  a day but always use a mild facial cleanser for the same. You should not remove all the oil from your face, the cells may react more aggressively and produce more oil. This will enhance the acne problem further. Additionally, you must try to stay away from waxing and tweezing for facial hair removal. These can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. Now that you know the basics of keeping pimples away, we will be learning about the herbs that cure Acne.

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