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eye-puffiness (Copy)When a stranger looks and sees you for the first time that day, they will look straight towards your eyes. But if your sleepy face is showing a dark pair of rings around your visual receptors, you might want to consider some home remedies. The idea is to get rid of unwanted bags, dark circles and panda eyes syndrome.

There are reasons why those dark circles form and they are not always your fault. And, you guessed it, invariably they are due to lifestyle choices; and that’s something you can change. Dark rings can form because of hereditary factors. The fact we are just getting older. Then there’s dry skin, constant tearing due to sitting in front of your PC all day or just poor sleep. Those who suffer from stress and depression will also notice their dark circles look so much more prominent than usual.

It is a syndrome that affects both men and women. So, what can you do to reduce those dark, unsightly rings? Moreover, how can you do this without spending $20 upwards for some magical cream?

Cucumber has been the home remedy of choice, for soothing tired eyes, and that’s going back over a century. But do we still use cucumber as a solution to cure dark circles around the eyes? Not as much apparently.

This green, watery vegetable has astringent properties and a chemical that lightens the skin. The water packed into the cucumber will make your eyes feel refreshed and soothed. The darkness under your eyes is caused by blood pooling underneath the skin. It collects there in the same way a bruise on your arm or leg might do.

To use this popular remedy you should cut the cucumber into slices and place inside a refrigerator for 40 minutes.

Then clean the area around both eyes before applying the thick slices for around 20 minutes. Raw potato works in a similar way because it has an agent in it which lightens dark skin. This means the blood–filled bags underneath the eye will appear whiter than usual, allowing for healthier looking eyes.

Tomato is another super–food that can help the eyes recover from that racoon look. To apply this onto the eyes you should mix the juice of the tomato with lemon juice.

Then apply to the eyes using a soft tissue or eye padding swab. The lemon also contains properties that lighten skin wherever it comes in to contact with. It has very high levels of vitamin C and works as an absolute treat when mixed with tomato puree. You should apply with a cotton ball gently around the eyes for about 10 minutes. It’s amazing what the food pantry can do for eye health.

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