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Hormones and Hair RemovalNearly every woman entering or going through menopause reaches the point where she is looking for effective hair removal products for upper lip hair removal and other facial hair.

Pregnant women often look for the hair removal products, too; both these types of women, younger and older, experience unwanted facial hair that may be due to hormone imbalances. There are hundreds if not thousands of products that claim to remove facial hair for women, most through the use of harsh chemicals or ineffective “natural” herbs. One of the best facial hair removal products for women is Epicare®.

Hormone imbalance often causes unwanted facial hair in pregnant and menopausal women; certain medications can also cause this condition. When estrogen levels dramatically decrease while testosterone lingers, facial hair grows where it is definitely not welcome.

There are a few serious medical conditions that can cause hair to grow on your face unnaturally but once your physician has ruled out medical causes you’ll probably want to do something more than painful tweezing or even shaving. HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) can help but many women prefer to avoid it. There are hair removal products in the form of creams and gels that claim to remove hair permanently but they can contain harsh chemicals that cause rashes and lesions. Laser treatment and waxing are both painful and costly and may cause pigmentation or remove a layer of skin. If you’re thinking there has to be a better way, you are right. Epicare® is a simple, easy way of facial hair removal that is both economical and very effective.

Epicare® is the 21st century version of threading, a technique used for thousands of years by women around the world. In ancient times a cotton thread was used for facial hair removal. These days the method has been improved with the use of quality steel with a hypo–allergenic coating. You roll along the area where you want to remove the facial hair. One of the advantages of Epicare® is that you don’t have to manipulate your hormone levels with drugs. You do not have to apply chemicals that burn your skin or wreak havoc with your Ph levels. There are no batteries to buy, no cord to plug in; Epicare® is portable and you can use it anywhere at any time you choose.

Epicare® is designed to be gentle to your delicate skin and is safe for any age. It is a natural means of hair removal. Epicare® does not use any chemicals or organic ingredients pregnant women can use it, too. It grabs and pulls hair out by the roots without disturbing the skin cells; your hair will grow back but it will be finer and thinner, unlike shaving or chemical hair removers.

It may sound that Epicare® would be painful but while it may sting a bit the first time you do it. Your skin will desensitize and with regular use. Your skin will soon get used to the sensation. At just $15, each Epicare® hair removal tool lasts as long as 12 months and is very affordable.

A threading hair removal tool like Epicare® is one of the best facial hair removal products for women. Facial hair can be embarrassing and unattractive but you don’t have to spend a lot on potentially harmful laser treatments or waxing to get a smooth, hair free complexion. Epicare® is economical and the most effective of the hair removal products in the market that does not contain harsh and damaging chemicals.

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