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Tea Tree Oil

In the last post, we discussed about some of the ways in which you will be able to keep pimples at bay. In this post, we will be talking about some herbs. It will certainly help you in reducing the impact of bacterial infection which causes acne on your skin.

Tea Tree:

We have all heard about tea tree. It is one of the primary ingredients of a number of cosmetic products. You never get any real benefits from these products. They only use a very small quantity of this herb which is generally lost. It is because its extensive manufacturing processes and the addition of preservatives in the creams and lotions and we suggest that is is better to use tea tree directly instead of these creams to eliminate the infection. You don’t really have to buy anything else but the tea tree oil. Don’t get confused with the name of this product. It is not a beverage.

Tea tree is actually a small herb that they are usually found in Australian swamps. The tea tree leaves are crushed to obtain oil. It is one of the most powerful antiseptics that you will find around. It kills bacteria infection and fungi with ease . If you have any kind of infection, you can use tea tree oil for curing it.

How to use:

To use tea tree oil, simply soak a cotton ball or a Q–tip in 100% essential tea tree oil. Dab  it on the areas  where you have acne and blemishes. Regular application of the oil on the acne will help reduce them to a considerable extent. Try to apply it after cleaning the face thoroughly in the night. Leave on over night and rinse skin in the morning and apply your usual moisturiser in the morning.


You should never consume Tea tree orally. It is quite a toxic substance. You should only use it externally and wash your hands thoroughly after each application. Those who have sensitive skin must dilute the oil to some extent. You can use carrier oils like apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil to get the best results.

Other Benefits of Tea Tree Oil:

1. Use Tea Tree Oil to remove makeup*

2. Use Tea Tree Oil to soften dry cuticles*

3. Use Tea Tree Oil to soothe sores*

4. Use Tea Tree Oil to fight foot odor*

5. Use Tea Tree Oil to eliminate toenail fungus*

6. Use Tea Tree Oil to relieve athlete’s foot*

7. Use Tea Tree Oil to treat the Chicken Pox*

8. Use Tea Tree Oil to reduce cold sores*

9. Use Tea Tree Oil to banish jock itch*

10. Use Tea Tree Oil to relieve Psoriasis*

11. Use Tea Tree Oil to treat yeast infections*

12. Use Tea Tree Oil to zap boils*

13. Use Tea Tree Oil for any cuts or wounds*

14. Use Tea Tree Oil to treat dandruff*

15. Use Tea Tree Oil to treat insect bites and stings*

16. Use Tea Tree Oil to treat other bacterial or fungal infections*

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