Black Epipouch

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If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been bothered by the common problem of facial hair. In some women, it can be a dense, thick growth that can look alarmingly masculine if it’s allowed to sprout, in others, it’s a peach fuzz that prevents make-up from spreading on smoothly and can make a sensitive woman feel less beautiful. The causes of facial hair can range from genetic to hormonal and there’s no real or permanent solution to it, apart from expensive laser treatments or electrolysis, which are also suspect if not conducted under the supervision of a trained dermatologist or technician.

Women the world over have tried to tackle the problem in a variety of ways – Waxing, bleaching, shaving, creams/lotions, tweezing etc. All these have their own set of additional problems. Waxing and bleaching are messy, time-consuming and require a salon visit unless you’re game for the prep at home. They can also lead to nasty skin eruptions, allergenic reactions and rashes, making them unsuitable for hairy emergencies. Depilatory creams and lotions are chemical based, with similar side-effects and are not recommended for use by pregnant and nursing mothers.

In the Asian and Middle Eastern countries, threading has been the convenient and safe method of removing facial hair. Using a cotton thread, the attendant tugs out each hair by the roots and breaks off the thread once the job is done, making it an inexpensive and hygienic process. Epicare® is an innovative product based on this principle and is currently being marketed all over the world. It consists of a superior alloy steel spring with tough plastic handles on each end and can be used by twirling the handles and running the spring across the face. It can only be used to remove facial hair and not from other body parts or used for eyebrow tweezing.

Being such a simple manual device, it is an inexpensive and convenient solution that women can use anywhere and at any time. It can be used for almost nine months if maintained well and thus leads to great cost-savings in salon visits. Available on-line in a variety of attractive colors, you can also buy along with Epicare, a handy carrying-pouch made of black soft fabric with attractive gold lettering called Epipouch. This means you can store the product in the tiniest of evening bags, your workplace desk or dressing-table drawer. It also makes a nice and fun gift item for your friends and family.

With Epicare®, it’s literally a case of hair today, gone tomorrow!


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