Epicare®: Fiery Red

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Stay Safe With Epicare®: Fiery Red

When a consumer uses any hair removal product in the market, safety is always an important factor before making the purchase or using the product, no matter how effective and impressive its credentials may be. But there are no second thoughts required with the Epicare® Fiery Red Threader.

This stylishly designed facial hair removal tool is hot in the market and hot in design. The bold and beautiful would take on the Fiery Red Epicare® threader to take advantage of its design, color and functionality. These consumers may also be daring enough to use it in public and make a bold stand and impact – That’s the power of red!


It is easy to use the Epicare® Fiery Red Threader anywhere at any time. There is no embarrassment in taking out the Fiery Red tool, perform a quick bend and roll to give the face that extra smoothness. The action does not take more than a few minutes. An experienced Epicare® user would not even need a mirror if she is familiar with the contours of her face and the feel of her skin.

The stylish facial hair removal tool is hot enough to draw attention and notice as a conversation piece without any awkwardness. One can spark off a conversation on its stylishness, design, color or functionality. It is a great way to strike up a conversation and create new friendships.

Epicare® Fiery Red Threader is safe to be used on the face although this is the most sensitive and visible part of the body. There is no fear of adverse side effects as it is gentle and effective, without removing any skin layer.

Vive la difference!

There is a great difference between Epicare® and other hair removal products. There is no chemical involved in Epicare® threaders as it is a simple but stylish mechanical tool. There is no worry about the skin turning raw and red – in fact when you choose the Fiery Red option, the only redness is the handles!

The face will not break out in rashes or bumps as with some other hair removal options if the proper procedure is undertaken when using Epicare®. The best way to enjoy the superb results of Fiery Red Epicare® facial hair removal tool is to cleanse and tone the face after using Epicare®.

Those who have really sensitive skin can put on a thin antibiotic cream layer to safeguard against rash or itch. Most Epicare® Fiery Red users have had no skin irritation or allergic reaction. Ladies, this Fiery Red says Go!


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