Epicare®: Forest Green

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Freshness And Calm with Epicare®: Forest Green

Interestingly shaded products tend to be more attractive to consumers. Hence, the emergence of Epicare® Threader Forest Green has attracted many consumers to enjoy facial hair removing today with its bright forest green handles.

Going Green

Green has always symbolized the freshness of life just like the green of a forest with its majestic grandeur and strength. The deep green on the Epicare® tool handles gives the users a freshness and a positive outlook on life.

Removing facial hair can be intimidating and nerve-racking to some who may fear pain or a negative outcome as the face is one of the most sensitive body parts as well as the most visible parts of the body. Everyone is drawn to your face in any interaction. Hence, a bad job at removing the facial hair may cause scars or unevenness of the skin and render your face unattractive.

With a cooling and calming color like forest green, the consumer can proceed with facial hair removal confidently and steadily.


There is no difficulty in using the Epicare® Forest Green Threader – one only needs to hold the bright green handles between the thumbs and index fingers and roll them inwards and outwards as you move the spring across the face to remove the hair.

Epicare® was especially designed to remove unsightly hair on the upper lip, cheeks, neck and chin areas. It can be bent to reach the difficult contours of the face for a smooth and even surface. It may be a small and simple product but it is a very effective one. Hence, it should only be used on designated and recommended areas otherwise; you won’t get the results you want. Consumers of Epicare® Threader products must be clear on the parameters of usage for best results.

The process of hair removal is very simple with Epicare® Threader Forest Green. It snags facial hair before pulling them out by their roots. There is no removal of skin as in waxing. Hence, the skin is not exposed to possible infections and this method does not create rawness or itch which is common in chemical treatments.

Areas of usage

This amazing and stylish Forest Green Epicare® product should be used specifically on the face as it was designed to remove the fine hair on the face which has a different structure from hair on other parts of the body. Hence, this Epicare® tool is not recommended for the armpits, ears, legs, bikini areas or back.

So choose Epicare’s Forest Green for a fresh new experience!


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