Epicare®: Girly Pink

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Safe ‘n’ Sweet Epicare®: Girly Pink

Epicare® Threader has created ripples in the beauty industry, with its creative and innovative facial hair removal products in a wide range of delightfully colored handles. Epicare® has constantly monitored the reaction and response of consumers who use this great facial hair removal product and reciprocated by incorporating colored handles that put the fun into removing facial hair.

Sweet effect

Pink is the favorite color choice for most young ladies and there is somehow an affinity between pink and youth. This color is ideal for those young users of Epicare® Threader. It is not surprising that there are children as young as 12 years old who have quite a bit of facial hair and are teased by their peers with unkind names and whispers behind the back and incessant giggling over the unsightly hair. These are enough to drive a little girl to despair.

Today, Epicare® Girly Pink allows the young lady to take off the unsightly facial hair easily and painlessly. With a little training and caution, young girls can use a Girly Pink Epicare® facial hair remover effectively. Young girls today with slightly elevated hormone levels do not need to be embarrassed by their peers or adults. It’s Girly Pink Epicare® to the rescue!

This facial hair removal product is easy to use and safe enough even for young girls. The company has researched carefully to test and confirm the effects of its products on young users’ delicate skin. Children as young as 10 years old have used Epicare® safely and effectively. Epicare® knows that children usually have sensitive skin; hence, a facial hair removal product like Epicare® Girly Pink is ideal for them.

Pregnant ladies

As pink is a sweet color, women too like to choose Epicare® Girly Pink colored handles when they buy this facial hair removal product. Many pregnant ladies want to maintain a glowing countenance during their pregnancy which is their joy and beauty.

This is where Girly Pink Epicare products come into play. Epicare® Threaders are simple in their mechanics; they are very safe for pregnant ladies as there are no harmful chemicals or hazardous laser treatments. This facial hair removal product has no creams, bleaches or wax that might hurt the expecting mother and in turn the growing fetus.

The usage of Girly Pink Epicare® helps pregnant ladies continue to look their best during this joyful time in their lives. Their smooth faces would continue to radiate the glow and happiness that normally come with pregnancy.


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