Epicare®: Ocean Blue

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Enjoying the Effectiveness of Ocean Blue Epicare®

Epicare® is fast becoming a popular hair removal product in many homes today. Additionally, there are various color options of Epicare® that cater to the preferences of different consumers. More and more consumers who need to have smoother skin without the hassle of salon visits, messy creams and lotions, painful waxing or expensive electrolysis are enjoying Epicare® especially in its Ocean Blue option.

Ocean Blue Epicare® offers a cool and relaxing touch when it’s used on parts of the face that require smoothness.

Cool blue

The color blue has various connotations. Many view blue as a cool color which also looks stylish and elegant. It is very attractive on most products and provides a great option that matches with other beauty accessories that you already own. This is an attractive color choice for men too. Ocean Blue Epicare® can enhance one’s mood when it is used. The ocean blue Epicare® hair removal tool makes it a great gifting idea for men so they do not feel embarrassed to use it.


Epicare® has many benefits. Its usage does not require elaborate instructions or training. There are no added accessories or components with the Ocean Blue Epicare®. The long-term effects are positive since re-growth is slower and the hair becomes finer. There is no bleaching or creaming. Hence, it is a favored choice of hair removal for all consumers.

Epicare® does not cause pain and irritation that normal waxing session might impose. Laser treatments or chemicals may cause harsh reactions to the skin if applied wrongly. There may also be irreversible long term side effects.


The Ocean Blue Epicare® is a uniquely designed hair-removal tool with a flexibility that allows the stick to be bent to remove the unwanted hair. The inverted “U” shape allows trapped hair to be removed easily. The tool can later be cleaned easily with a dry, clean tissue or cloth.

The Ocean Blue Epicare® can last up to nine months as long as the spring is functioning properly. It should not be exposed to dampness which may cause rust, rendering the product ineffective and unusable. It is easy to use Epicare® as there are no other components to be replaced. Careful usage and proper maintenance will stretch the functionality of this effective hair removal product. When you choose the Ocean Blue color option, you’re getting a product that’s safe to use, hygienic, cost-effective and extremely good-looking too!


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