Epicare®: Soothing Lavender

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Finding Solace with Epicare®: Soothing Lavender

Undergoing a facial hair removal session is not one of the preferred activities in life as most consumers who go through one would testify. Hair removing can be quite a tedious and painful activity which one would try to avoid as much as possible. But those who love to feel the smoothness of their skin, especially on their faces, are left with little choice but to endure the pain, tediousness and inconvenience that go with currently available hair removal options in the market.

However, with the emergence of Epicare® Threader since its successful launch in 1999, many consumers are finding solace and delight with the effectiveness of the product. Today, Epicare® offers an exciting range of colored handles on its threader tool – one of the popular colors is Soothing Lavender.


Epicare’s Soothing Lavender threader offers lavender-colored handles. This color is soothing to look at and makes the user feel more relaxed when using it to remove their facial hair. Most people can be traumatized at the thought of performing a facial hair removal exercise themselves as the face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. But holding a Soothing Lavender Epicare® in one’s hands may bring on a sense of tranquility and calmness. One can also visualize the soothing fragrance of lavender filling the air as the Epicare® user rolls the inverted U – shaped spring gently over the face. This lovely image of lavender in one’s mind can help ease anxiety during a facial hair removal exercise.

Hence, the Soothing Lavender piece is a strong favorite among those who are apprehensive about removing facial hair themselves. There is no need to go to any beauty salon for a professional session which takes up time and money.


The Epicare® Threader is very affordable and portable. Its small and simple design allows one to carry it around without its being too obvious. There are no breakable parts to replace or costly batteries to recharge. It’s great for either a leisurely beauty session or for a quick emergency touch-up on your way to a date or a meeting. The Soothing Lavender option is a great gifting idea because of its stylishness and functionality. Many would be intrigued by its stylish design, attractive color and effective results.

It is easy to purchase the Soothing Lavender Epicare® today as it is easily available online. Distributors have been appointed in many parts of the world and shipping and door delivery are offered in these areas.


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