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    Epicare®: Girly Pink

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Epicare®: Sunshine Yellow

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Enlightening Consumers with Epicare®: Sunshine Yellow

Little did Dr. and Mrs. Makhmalchi foresee what an impact their brainchild Epicare® Threader product would create and the waves it would cause in the beauty business all over the world. The couple conceptualized this facial hair removal product in 1998 to ease the frustrations of women in India who were trying to deal with unsightly facial hair, who had no time for beauty parlors and were enduring skin problems while using traditional hair removal methods.

Today, Epicare® Threader products have undergone transformations and innovations in design and are available in a variety of colors to suit the mood and preference of the consumer. There are many delightful colors which attract many consumers.


This great product from Epicare® based on the spring-bend-roll design is available in a Sunshine Yellow color option that will put a sunshiny smile on one’s face when it is used! Its simple yet stylish design is attractive and functional, and there’s hardly any training required before you learn to use it.

The Epicare Sunshine Yellow facial hair removal tool allows facial hair to be removed without much pain. In fact, users feel comfortable and fresh after they’ve used the Sunshine Yellow Epicare® tool as it rolls and bends easily to pull off fine facial hair by its roots easily and painlessly.

The two bright yellow handles make the removal process delightful as they are comfortable and non-slippery. The user feels good using the Sunshine Yellow handles which conjure up brightness and beauty which befit a glowing skin.


The Sunshine Yellow handles of the Epicare® Threader facial hair removal make the consumer feel as if energy and joy are in their hands as they bend the spring over the cheeks or upper lip section and roll the handles for those unsightly hairs to come off. The pretty color of the handles makes it a great gifting idea and also an attractive beauty accessory for you to slip into your purse, keep in the car or your desk in the office for whenever you may want an emergency touch-up.

Epicare® Threader’s Sunshine Yellow option is the perfect facial hair removal tool to choose when one feels anxious and under-motivated – the bright, happy color lifts your spirits at once and the great positive end-result that awaits after you’ve used the product further motivates you to enhance your looks quickly and easily.


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