Epicare®: Timeless Black

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Classic Epicare®: Timeless Black for those Wanting Dignity

Many women are quite frustrated with the presence of unwanted hair on their faces. They find it embarrassing and ackward affecting both their sense of confidence and self-esteem. Hence, a good facial hair removal product is essential to keep the skin on the face looking soft and silky, enhancing one’s appearance and also allowing make-up to glide on smoothly.


Consumers have a range of choices when it comes to hair removal products from the myriad of options in the market. There are lots of brands which offer creams, gels, wax, lotions etc. There are also other forms of hair removal such as laser. While these options may be effective, they’re also cumbersome and painful. Many are costly and time consuming, requiring professional assistance and a lapse of time to see the results.

Therefore, such hair removal options are not very convenient for those who need to remove unwanted hair quickly and conveniently. These commercial options may not be too conducive for facial hair which is finer and for facial skin which is more sensitive.

Epicare® Black

The Epicare® Threader takes the guessing game out of facial hair removal with it’s revolutionary spring. This facial hair removal product is a great blend of simplicity and style. It comes in a variety of colors but many Epicare® consumers are attracted by the sleek good looks of Epicare’s Timeless Black, especially men. But it’s also a great choice for women who like stylish, elegant and chic looking products. You can now conveniently store your threader in our sleek and trendy Black epipouch which protects it from dirt and dust.

Epicare’s Timeless Black threader is a classic color option for those who want functionality without drawing too much attention while using a hair remover. The Timeless Black Epicare® hair remover is a great tool that can easily be carried around in one’s pocket or bag without taking up too much space. Its convenience allows users to take along a couple of Epicares on a long journey, follow a busy schedule, work hard and play hard and still look great all the time without worrying about finding a salon to remove unwanted facial hair.


Epicare® Threaders are creating waves in the market as a leading facial hair removal product that is innovative and creative. Timeless Black is indeed a hot favorite among its users, both ladies and men. Many would be delighted to receive a Timeless Black Epicare® which is a useful gift for those who are particular about looking well – groomed all the time.


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