Fuchsia Pink Epipouch

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Epipouch: Fuchsia Pink

People love and appreciate color in their lives – colors create moods and provide insights into personality which is what the shade of fuchsia does. Epicare® has stepped up another notch on innovation with its Fuchsia Pink Epicare® Threader tool. This is a stylish, elegant yet simple manual tool to remove unsightly facial hair. The Fuchsia Pink Epipouch is the perfect companion for your threader as you can now conveniently carry and store it in a hygienic manner.


Fuchsia is a unique shade of pink that is different from girlish pink which some ladies may not prefer, since fuchsia pink is a more mature color that stands out with its own uniqueness and elegance. Fuchsia Pink offers a sense of mystery and intrigue which many ladies find attractive. Hence, Epicare’s Fuchsia Pink Epipouch is a big hit with more mature ladies who are sophisticated yet gentle and this finds expression in their choice of this unique shade of pink.

There is an exuberance, elegance and style when ladies are found sporting Epicare® Fuchsia Pink products and those who prefer this kind of subtlety without being too obvious when they remove facial hair are the ones who choose this attractive shade of pink.

Stylish and Practical

Epicare’s Fuchsia Pink is not only a stylish and trendy; it is also very functional for all its simplicity. The design is simple yet effective. There are no complex components in the Fuchsia Pink Epicare® Threader. Hence, there is no risk or harm as users apply it to their faces confidently. For those who believe in environmental conservation, there are no hazardous chemicals or electric power involved.

The simple spring mechanism is strong and effective. All it takes is a gentle roll over the face to pull out those unsightly strands. The action is precise, pain–free and quick. This is because Fuchsia Pink Epicare® is a safe, thoroughly researched and well–tested product. There is seldom any skin irritation or allergic reaction. Any discomfort is very mild and temporary and happens to people with really sensitive skin.


Using a conventional facial hair removal product would cause some concerns in consumers. Most hair removal products tend to cause re-growth to be coarser. However, the opposite holds true for Epicare® Fuchsia Pink Threader. Regular use of this amazing product results in much finer facial hair; this is because the threader removes hair from its roots. Hence, the re–growth is slower and finer. The face feels smoother.

Usage depends on each Epicare® Fuchsia Pink user as skin and hair conditions differ from person to person. It may be from a few days to several weeks before a re-use is required.


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