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hair removalSummer is finally upon us and it is time for some skin showing lighter attire. Here are a few skin care tips to obtain smooth, flawless skin.


The first step is to thoroughly exfoliate your skin by using an appropriate body scrub. This will get rid of the dead rough skin and will make the skin smooth and ready for other treatments such as a fake tan.

There are a number of options for scrubbing skin. Probably the easiest and least expensive is to use hand mitts and shower gel. You may also use salt and sugar scrubs, but as they are oil–based do not use them right before applying fake tan as they will get in the way of the formulation sticking. For sensitive skin it is best to dry body brush the skin using a natural–bristle brush and work in light strokes towards the heart. It lightly removes dead skin, increases circulation and has a detoxing action that treats cellulite.


Bathing can of course make your skin dry out so ensure that the water is not too hot and use a gentle body wash. As an alternative you can apply body oil under running water. By doing this once you dry your skin you will be with the perfect amount of moisture in your skin. This is great for your skin and you can also add some scented oil to make your skin even better.


Body oils are protective and add a beautiful gleam. They suit most skins, but very dry types might prefer to use a balm with Shea or cocoa butter. We recommend a hydroxy acid–infused moisturizer for treating dry skin and rough patches. Another effective agent for treating and moisturizing skin is lactic acid. As well as chemically exfoliating, it stimulates the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production, so it hydrates from within too.


For smooth and soft skin, try Epicare® as your hair removal solution. It is easy, inexpensive and convenient. It pulls the hair from the root and leaves soft and smooth skin, as well as lasting results.


The best way to get a health glow to your skin is by regularly exfoliating and massaging body oils into your skin. Try coconut oil as a healthy and natural option for smooth skin after using Epicare® to remove hair.

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