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Facial Hair RemoverIn the past you had to go to the salon every time your facial hair starts to grow. It can be quite difficult at times to find the time to pay a visit to the salon. There are also times when you find that the salon is full when you get there. You will have to wait for hours just to have your facial hair removed. There are do–it-yourself options that you can choose for your hair removal. But you do not really want to risk damaging your face. Waxing, tweezing and shaving are hair removal methods that you can do at home. If you are not careful enough, you can risk injuring yourself. You can get burned by the hot wax while you are waxing facial hair. Burn scars take a long time to heal especially on the face. You do not really want to risk that. Tweezing is easier to do but it can be very painful to pull out each hair from its roots since the face is very sensitive. Shaving is also out of the question. This causes the hair to grow back very quickly and with blunt ends. Making the hair appear thicker and coarser. Unless you want to have an ugly blue shadow on your chin or upper lip, then you should never consider shaving your facial hair.

If removing facial hair the easy way is what you’re looking for, then you should try Epicare®. It is small and very easy to use. You just need to bend the threading tool and then roll it repeatedly all over the area where you want to remove the hair. This is a very handy tool that is available in different colors. Such as forest green, sunset yellow and many others. It is convenient to carry around in your purse and it is also very cute and attractive.

With the easy hair removal method by Epicare®, you can have a smooth face that is free of any facial hair. It is also very convenient to use since this tool does not require any batteries, messy creams/lotions, applicators or power tools. What is great about this product is that it’s not a use-and-throw gadget. You can continue to use it for over nine months! This makes it very cost-effective as it’s available at a very affordable price. Each time you use it, you will be saving the cost of one salon visit. Think of how much money you will be able to save with this very effective and inexpensive hair remover!

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