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blog-image-save-timeWomen are pulled in so many directions, having to be a mother, wife or caregivers to their loved ones. Time is always as issue and sometimes taking the time for yourself is difficult and we start neglecting ourselves. While it is wonderful to be nurturing and caring, we as women sometimes forget how important it is to take some time to care for our own needs. Sometimes, just taking a few minutes to put on some make–up or to do some personal grooming will give you that extra boost of self–confidence that you need to serve those you love. The better you feel will translate to more positive energy you will have to give others. While it is great to go to a salon for some pampering and grooming it may just not be possible because of time constraints. Epicare®, a revolutionary hair threader can help you avoid all the issues that you may come across in your quest to find the right balance.

1. It is time consuming: Threading at the salon, requires you to find the time to get there. In the hands of an inexperienced threader, you may nick you skin and have to wait days till the skin heals. Epicare® does not nick your skin and you have the freedom to thread in the comfort of your home at a time of your choosing. If  plans change, you can still take a few minutes while taking a restroom break to thread. It could even be when you are catching a breather and watching T.V.

2. It’s so messy/painful: Hair removal can be costly or messy depending on whether you go for waxing, laser, electrolysis etc. Waxing specifically is messy. Waxing may cause the skin on the face to sag if done regularly as skin gets tugged at. Epicare® eliminates this issue as there is no messiness and requires no batteries.

3. It is an irritating routine: Facial hair grows back pretty fast for most people and therefore requires regular upkeep. Hair has to be a certain length before having to find the time to go for your next hair removal session. With Epicare®, you do not have to wait until the hair is too long. Just slip away to the privacy of your bathroom  and in a few minutes you will be hair free.

4. It is costly: Having to maintain hair free skin is costly and tedious. Epicare® eliminates this issue as it only costs $15 and each spring lasts from 6 – 9 months! Imagine all the time and money you can save.

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