Welcome to the exclusive online store for the most amazing and affordable hair removal threaders in the world. Below, you will be finding a range of Epicare® tools available in a host of colors. Additionally, you will even be able to get Epipouches, the special Epicare® carry cases here. They are also available with color choices. There are 2 color options for the Epipouch, Black and Fuchsia Pink. Epicare®, on the other hand, is available in 8 colors – Timeless Black, Fiery Red, Fuchsia Pink, Ocean Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Girly Pink, Soothing Lavender and Forest Green. You don’t just get a great product, but also get to use it in a number of a different colors. Isn’t this a feature that you have always wanted in your hair removal products?

Just come to the online store, select the product that you like and add them to your basket. Once you have selected all that you need, proceed to payments and make the payment through PayPal or TD Bank. You will be required to confirm your order before this. Once confirmed, we will send you an email regarding the order and shipment details. All that you have to now is wait for 4 - 14 days, depending upon your location to receive your products.

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