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Six Simple Summer Skin TipsAs our climate begins to change there is now even more than before, the ever–present penetrating rays from the sun. So what are the best ways to protect your skin?  

We all want to look good by having a great summer skin and bronze tan, but we must also be aware of the harmful effects the sun can have on our skin and protect ourselves against the possibility of getting skin cancer due to over exposure to the sun. Below, we have listed six simple summer skin tips that will get you help you achieve that nice tan and at the same time protect your skin.

1. To have the best sun protection always use sunscreen on your skin. Use a sunscreen that is a combination sunscreen and moisturizer (your skin surface needs extra lubrication in the hot sunny weather). You need to nourish your skin with healthy vitamins and anti–oxidants, so that while you are protecting your skin from the sun, you will also receive long–term benefits.

2. Ensure that you thoroughly clean and cleanse your skin daily.

3. Ensure that you wash off all the toxins on your skin both in the morning and the evening. Use a non–abrasive cleanser as this is better for your skin. Look for cleansers with AH and BH acids or papaya based products. The Papain enzyme within papaya helps to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin growth.

4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Eat plenty of fruits and salads to keep your skin looking firmer, and your digestive track healthy.

5. Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week to remove unwanted dead skin that may be clogging your pores.

6. Protect your lips by wearing lip balm with a minimum of 15 SPF. Lip balms without sun protection should be avoided because the “gloss” may attract the harmful UV rays.

7. Immediately after cleansing your skin use a toner. Toners help restore the pH balance to your skin, which makes your skin surface less susceptible to unwanted bacteria growth.

If You Have Dry Skin:

Moisturize your skin daily especially right after bathing. Allow the moisturizer to penetrate and absorb into the deeper layers of your skin. Do this twice daily. Ensure that you avoid artificial moisturizers since they are not adding value to your skin care routine! Look for a scrub or cleanser with AHA, that breaks down the dead skin and doesn’t allow the moisture to get in. Look for a toner that is gentle to your skin, like rose water. Once the dead skin is removed, the moisturizer is easier to penetrate. Use a hydration mask, at least once a week.

If You Have Oily Skin:

Regularly blot your skin to remove oil. Use products with BHA to keep the pores clean. Once a week, follow up with a clay mask. Use oil free moisturizer on your skin. Look for products that are alcohol free, in order to avoid your skin drying out.

If You Have Normal Skin:

If you are fortunate enough to have normal skin then all you need to do is to keep your skin protected and moisturized throughout the day. Look for a scrub or cleanser with AHA or BHA and cleanse twice a day.

The above tips will help you maintain a healthy skin during the hot weather. These are tips for summer skin. They will help you to achieve that nice tan and at the same time protect your skin.

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