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Strawberry lady (Copy)Did you know that the average face has over 30 layers of dead skin cells? It is therefore important that you carry out regular exfoliation in order to keep your skin tone even, your acne in check, and even avoid dryness.

Time vs. The Skin

When we are first born our skin cells turnover every seven days. New cells are born, rise up to the surface, die off and form a protective layer around the face and body. As we get older then this will begin to slow down and instead of every 7 days the cell turnover increases to around 20 or even 30 days. Thus the layers build up and that can be good as it provides protection against environmental factors like pollutants, UVA rays or other free radicals that can damage the skin and body.

There is however a downside in that too many layers can have negative side effects as well. The outer layers become more stubborn, more firmly cemented together, and they are not easily removed by simple bathing.

Negative Side Effects

This buildup of layers if not removed causes the following negative changes to our face and body:

1. Acne: The trapped layers can cause a blackhead to form which in turn causes acne.

2. Uneven texture: Skin can become dry and patchy in some places and oily in others.

3. Dullness: Excess dead skin results in a dull pallor to the skin tone.

4. Discoloration: Dead skill cells damaged by UVA rays may produce more melanin. Leading to darker pigmentation in places.

To combat the above the solution is to regularly exfoliate the skin.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is simply the process of removing dead skin cell layers from the face or body. There are many methods to do this including scrubs, masks and chemical peels. The end result is an overall improvement in the skins condition if applied correctly.

Benefits of a Good Exfoliating Agent

The regular use of a good exfoliation product on the skin will result in the following improvements:

1. Clearer pores for reduction of acne.

2. Improved skin tone, glow, and clarity.

3. Skin coloring.

Scrubs containing fruit enzymes, Vitamin C or other antioxidants, or jojoba beads add extra benefits, like free radical protection and skin brightening. Avoid harsh alpha–hydroxy masks or painful scrubbing agents like apricot or nut shells, as these may inflame the skin.

Helpful Tips

Here are some more tips to help you when exfoliating your skin:

1. Body or foot scrubs should never be used on the face. The skin is more sensitive on your face than that on the body so body scrubs are far too harsh and can damage skin on the face.

2. If you have an oily type skin then you will need to exfoliate more often than normal. Extra dead skin cells and oil can cause a breakout. Keeping regular dates with a good exfoliating scrub keeps pores clear.

3. Masks and peels work better AFTER the skin has been exfoliated. Pulling off the top layer of dead skin with a good scrub, allows the mask to reach into the pores and do its job.

4. Using a strong exfoliating product twice a week is much better than daily scrubs.

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