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money1You do not have to spend large amounts of money or time in improving your skincare health. In order to improve our skin we need to first understand each step of the skincare routine and what we are trying to achieve in order to get the most out of those 5 minutes at the sink each morning and night.

Here are the basics:

1. Cleansing is exactly that. We are simply washing away all the grime on the face from the day and then rinsing. These include the day’s makeup, oil, dead skin and grit which if left on the skin would clog your pores and can cause many issues with the overall health of your skin.

2. Toning. We need to tone the skin in order to help restore the skin’s pH balance and also remove any cleanser residue.  This will help give your skin the “glow” that we are all trying to achieve.

3. Moisturizing. We need to use moisturizer in order to replace any moisture that’s been lost and also seals in the moisture that’s already in your skin. This will leave your skin feeling soft and looking hydrated.

4. We need to apply treatment serums in order to achieve any goals we may have with our skin (think: aging gracefully, lightening hyper pigmentation, clearing acne, calming rosacea, etc.). Serums are loaded with active ingredients and formulated in a way that they can be carried into the skin to go to work.

Here are the best ways to achieve the above:

1. Cleansing: Always use warm water as hot water can dry out your skin. Also, be careful not to use too much water with your cleanser, it dilutes your cleanser making the active ingredients less effective.

2. Toning: Rather than using cotton balls with your toner instead use cotton pads or gauze. Cotton pads remove remaining dead skin, dirt and oil, and this better prepares your skin for your treatment serums. Pads use less toner and thus less waste of your product which saves you money.

3. Moisturizing: Apply your moisturizer using upward, lifting motions as this will help fight the effects of gravity. It is also a good idea to allow your moisturizer to sit for a few minutes prior to applying makeup so that it can fully penetrate.

4. Applying Treatment Serums: To get the most out of your treatment serums, make sure you’re using them correctly. Apply your anti–oxidant serums in the morning to protect your skin during the day and then apply your exfoliating and peptide–rich serums in the evening to nourish and renew your skin overnight.

These tips where meant not to break your budget and to help give you the glow and radiance that will help you brighten up any room with your stunning skin health.

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