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6220859_faux-fro-or-twist-out-choose-wisely_ea59b46_mDuring the summer season a bronze look to the skin is what everyone strives for. Maintaining great looking skin and hair is also equally important and takes more than just washing and styling. Humidity can take its toll on hair, skin and nails so here are a few tips to make it through the summer season.


Humidity in the summer season can cause your hair to become frizzy. The best solution may be to wear your hair in its more natural state this summer season. The latest trends involve a lot more texture in the hair, and summer season couldn’t be a better time to let your hair do what it wants to if you’re a naturally curly haired gal. Also, as hot as it is, who really wants to add to the heat by blow drying and flat ironing? If you must keep your hair straight then ensure that you use an anti-humectant, which will help keep hair smooth by repelling moisture.

You will also need to apply more conditioner to your hair than normal during the summer season. The more time you spend in the sun, the more damage may be caused by UV. It is therefore best to use products which offer UV protection and coverage.

It is also a good idea prior to taking a dip at the beach, pool or lake during this summer season, to run some cool water through your hair and apply some conditioner. That way your hair will soak up less chlorine or saltwater while you are out having fun. And after you’re done swimming, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly to remove what chlorine or saltwater your hair did pick up.

One last tip for those with naturally curly hair: Diffuse, don’t blow dry. If you blow dry wavy hair, it just breaks up all the curl.

Here are a few hair styles to try:

► Your natural curl

► Loose braids

► High ponytails


The issues in summertime regarding the skin are humidity and protecting your skin from the sun.

Everybody feels sticky in the summer season due to humidity. Instead of extra moisture such as sweat evaporating from skin, it sticks and mixes with the body’s natural oils. So it is very important to bathe regularly during the summer. Also, it is a good idea to wash your face twice a day with a gel cleanser as gel works best at dissolving oil.

Exfoliate dead cells from skin. For your body, a scrub works fine. For the face, a non–abrasive exfoliator is a good idea, and once to twice a week should be enough.

It is also important to use sunscreen to protect the skin in the summertime. According to WebMD, if applied as directed, SPF 15 sunscreen should be enough protection for most people, though SPF 30 is what is commonly used and marketed. Sunscreens with higher SPFs are said to block out more harmful rays, though a common misconception is that more SPF means exponentially more protection. It is also important to re–apply sunscreen throughout the day. Each application lasts about two hours before its protective qualities decrease.


It is important to take extra care with your nails in the summer season especially your cuticles. A lot of people experience dry and cracked cuticles in the summer. Dry and cracked cuticles spell out to nails growing with ridges. It is important to moisturize regularly the backs of your hands all the way to your cuticles.

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