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Lady With Flower1 (Copy)Everyone wants to look their best as it builds their self–esteem and self–confidence. To look your best, you have to make sure that your body always remains and looks well groomed. A common problem that we face, is the presence of unwanted hair on the body.

In a world where everyone is judged by their appearance, looking your best has become a necessity in order to become successful as we have to make appearances it various social situations where opportunities may be waiting for us. Looking and feeling your best has never been more important.

Depending on the occasion, women may wear short dresses or sleeveless outfits or swimwear which leaves a lot of skin exposed. Having unwanted hair is embarrassing in these situations  and the need to look your best is important as it will make your feel confident in your femininity and build your self–confidence as we live in a society where people are very judgmental. Otherwise, women may face embarrassment and feel self–conscious in front of others. To have smooth and hair free skin, there are both temporary as well as permanent methods for removing unwanted hair.

Some of the temporary methods of hair removal are:

1. Shaving:

This is the most popular method used. There are a number of razor options in the market. Some people prefer the manual razors while others prefer electric razors. When shaving, it is best to shave in the opposite direction of the hair while showering to avoid razor bumps. Shaving is a very temporary solution as hair grows back within 2 to 3 days. Many people get itchy and irritated skin when shaving is not done properly. Nicking the skin is another common problem.

2. Waxing:

This is the second and most commonly used. This is a natural and fairly safe way to remove unwanted hair . It is very popular because it helps to brighten the skin and also helps to clean the skin from dirt and dead cells. It takes longer for hair to grow back as hair is removed from the roots. However, regular tugging at the skin can cause skin to sag in the long run.

3. Laser:

It is a more permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. However, since thermal heat is applied to burn hair  follicles, it can cause burning off the skin or skin discoloration. It is also costly and can take almost 1 – 2 years of treatment before getting the results that you want.

Epicare® is the world’s first D.I.Y. revolutionary hair threader that removes hair from the roots. It is a simple, cost effective and convenient way to remove unwanted facial hair without burning a hole in your pocket. Facial hair removal is now at your fingertips.

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