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Threading-Copy-1024x1024Facial hair growth on women has long been a challenge which needs to be constantly addressed. It can be tiring to go through the razor or epilator method. So, finding a solution to facial hair removal through threading has become a popular alternative.

Removal of unsightly facial hair is now one of the most important actions to address among women. Having even the slightest excess hair on the face can lead to a lack of self–confidence and low self–esteem.  Women often complain that removing excessive hair is an arduous and time–consuming task.

The search, however, may well be over with the Epicare® Facial Hair Removal Threader. Hair removal often means making sensitive skin agitated and sore. But Epicare® is a revolutionary product that will take sensitive skin into consideration when used for hair removal.

Hair removal is a breeze when using the dynamics of the Epicare® threader. So, why is threading the best way to remove facial hair on women? The practice has been popular in many parts of the Middle East, India and Sri Lanka for longer than we can remember. In the western cultures, hair removal has favoured waxing or even plucking as the go–to solution for removing unsightly facial hair.

The west has now witnessed the distinct advantages threading brings to sensitive skin. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and it is virtually pain–free. The threader is made from high quality sterilized steel. There are tiny plastic handles on both ends. All you need do is to bend and twist over the area where the facial hair has accumulated.

As you roll over the area where hair is present, the threader simply removes precisely and effortlessly. Laser hair removal has been an option and choice for many women looking to remove facial hair.  However, the cost of this method is extremely high compared to the threading method used in the Epicare® Facial Hair Remover.

Using the Epicare® Hair Remover will cost a fraction of what you’d pay with a laser hair removal treatment. Tweezing and plucking might well be the cheapest option but it is by no means without a price. The price you will pay is the tediousness of having to remove hair one by using tweezers. Epicare® grabs a bunch of hair at a time and is time saving.

Waxing, or too much use of wax, can cause that beautiful skin on your face of yours to sag over time. Shaving is not the answer either. It can increase hair and create rough hair growth. Bleaching the hair away is definitely not recommended. Only Epicare’s hair removing method leaves the face silky and smooth.

4 Responses to Threading Can Be Pain Free And Easy
sudha shorot says:

Where can we purchase epicare in india

admin says:

Thank you for your message. We do not have any authorized distributor in India at the moment. You may purchase directly from our secured website and we will mail to you.

Susan says:

Does this permanently remove the hair?

admin says:

Please click this link @ on our FAQ page to find your answer.

Thank you.

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