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tweezingThreading, waxing and tweezing are some of the low cost way to remove unwanted facial hair. We have outlined the pros and cons of each method.


Threading is perhaps the best and the fastest of all the hair removal techniques. Developed in the Middle East, it is an ancient method for hair  removal. The finest and tinniest hair (facial) can be removed. A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion to trap hair in a mini lasso. This action lifts hair right out of the follicle. Threading can be painful but it is certainly it is not as painful as waxing as it can tear the skin.

► Pros

Works  on very short and fine hair and does not leave the skin swollen or red. It is a low cost method, costing around $5 for eyebrows and around $10 for your full face. Limits the growth of ingrown hair.

► Cons

Threading like can be less painful than waxing depends on does it for you. It is very popular so it may be hard to get an appointment in a salon. It can cause nicks on the skin.


Quick and a cheap, waxing is also a very popular method of removing unwanted hair. The two types of wax used are hard and soft. Sensitive areas of your body like the bikini zone requires using hard wax. This will reduce the pain when pulling hair out from the roots.

► Pros

A fast and inexpensive solution for removing unwanted hair. Re-waxing will be between 6 to 8 weeks  Quick solution to unwanted facial hair.

► Cons

Waxing can cause tiny red bumps and may cause ingrown hair when done improperly. It is also very painful and can cause bleeding to the skin as well as redness as it can rip the skin. You are not able to wax until the hair is at least 1 cm long.


Tweezing is of course the cheapest way to remove hair as the only cost is a pair of tweezers. However, it can be painful and time consuming to pluck out all the unwanted hair. Patience and attention to detail is required to find the hair to be removed.

► Pros

1. Extremely cheap.

► Cons

1.  Tweezing can be time consuming and painful if the hair is not pulled out quickly. It is nearly impossible to get the finer hairs using this technique.


We have all done it, whether our legs, or facial hair. Shaving is probably the worst option when compared to the other solutions. It is the fastest and easiest  solution. Waiting till your hair grows out shaving  is unnecessary

The facts about shaving:

Shaving can  cause razor burn (reddening and a rash develops causing discomfort in the shaven area) or you can nick or seriously cut yourself with the blades. The main disadvantage about shaving is it only cuts the hair above the skin. Shaving does not pull hair from the roots. This causes the hair to grow back faster and thicker.

Shaving can get rather expensive. The cost of the actual razor to the replacement blades will normally run you in upwards of $15. That’s excluding the cost of the shaving cream. Replacement of  blades is approximately 3–4 weeks before they become blunt. Dullness of the blades will require having to shave even more (sometimes every 2–3 days) and you can cause razor burn due to this.

► Pros

1. Quick and simple.

2. No need to wait for hair to grow a certain length.

► Cons

1. Extremely expensive.

2. Hair grows back quicker and darker.

3. Only gets the hair above the skin.

4. Can cause razor burn and cuts.

5. Ingrown hair around the bikini area is very common with shaving .

6. Hair starts to re-grow within a day which requires to shave more frequently.

7. Hair grows back coarse causing “stubble”.

8. To avoid nicking or cutting yourself, you need to really concentrate when you shave.

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thnk u for the info….as i hav no doubts now about which method to opt for

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It’s interesting to learn so much about these hair removal options. So, is there a best option, or does it just depend on the person. My wife thinks waxing sounds good, since it’s so quick and can last for 2 months, or so.

admin says:

Waxing is not a good option for the face as the skin on the face is very delicate and regular waxing due to the tugging of the skin can cause sagging. It is a better option to wax for the rest of the body but it is better to avoid the face. Epicare® removes the hair from the root.

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