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Lady With Flower (Copy)Women are trying  various techniques to remove unwanted hair from their face on a regular basis. The face is the first thing we notice when communicating with people around us and looking your best. It is important to make a lasting first impression.

Unwanted facial hair makes women feel less feminine and unattractive. To avoid such awkward situations, there are many facial hair removal products and techniques to address these issues. Laser treatments which passes intense heat on hair follicles to kill them. They are quite expensive and claims to remove hair permanently. However, many sessions are required and can therefore get very costly. Waxing or Sugaring is another popular option.  A thick layer of melted sugar wax is applied on the face. A cloth strip is placed over the wax and the hair is ripped from the roots. When the cloth is stripped away from the face, this technique is more cost effective. But it can cause skin to sag in the long term and can be pretty painful.

There are certain creams which can be used by men and women in their daily life to get rid of unwanted hair. These  depilatory creams are good to remove unwanted hair on arms, legs and chest and the bikini zone. These creams are useful for those who are afraid of the pain of waxing or find the cost of laser too costly. The cream should be applied for a few minutes on the area where hair is to removed become washing the hair off. The hair removed is not removed from the roots and therefore grows back faster than traditional waxing. It is not advisable to use these creams on the face as the chemicals in the cream can cause chemical burns.

Threading is another popular method to remove facial hair from the roots; where a trained professional removes facial hair with a cotton thread. However, poorly trained threaders can nick the skin. This technique is very popular but requires regular up–keep and can therefore be costly over time. The manufacturers of Epicare® understood the need for a better product in the market to address this prevailing issue that plagues most women. Epicare® is the world’s first D.I.Y. facial hair threader that eliminates the cotton thread with it’s revolutionary hypo–allergenic spring. Women now have the freedom and flexibility to remove facial by themselves anytime, anyplace. This wonderful threader is so compact that it easily fits into a purse and saves women considerable time and money. Removing facial hair is now just an Epicare® threader away!

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